Common problems flaring up during the tenure of pregnancy

Once you are pregnant the first reaction would be to go through video of baby growth week by week. But there are some other problems that might spring up during the time of pregnancy. Even a slight amount of physical activity could cause a lot of exertion. The video of developing baby might also have another section on what causes shortness of breath when you are pregnant.

Is it worthy to be short of breath when you happen to be pregnant?

Though mild breathlessness could pose a slight discomfort when you become pregnant, you can rate it to be normal. It does pose a lot of safety for your little baby as they tend to be well oxygenated via the placenta.

When is the exact time when the shortness of breath starts during the tenure of pregnancy?

It has been found out that shortness of breath does take place during the second trimester of pregnancy. Once you touch the third trimester of pregnancy the breathlessness continues to increase once the baby starts to grow.

What are the exact causes for the shortness of breath when you become pregnant?

The pregnancy hormones stimulate the brain in order to increase the depth along with frequency of your breaths. This does mean that you would need to take in more oxygen for the would be baby. The capillaries in your respiratory tract would also swell and it does go on to relax the muscles of your lungs.

Once you reach towards the end of pregnancy, the uterus is growing to push up against the abdomen as it grows. This does compress your lungs paving a difficult situation when you are about to breathe.  It might replicate a situation where it might seem that you have a run a marathon whereby you just climbed a couple of stairs.

What are the things that can be done to eradicate shortness of breath when you are pregnant

This pregnancy symptom would be really difficult to eradicate to the fullest, but there are some things that you can undertake so that to ease it

  • As far as possible stand straight. If the position is proper it does provide your lungs with some space to expand
  • It does make sense to sleep on the left side. This works out to be the best position in terms of circulation
  • It is suggested that you can take part in normal activities and some amount of exercise when you are pregnant. Do listen to the body and pick up the pregnancy cues
  • At whatever time it is possible do take things easy.

When is the right time to get in touch with your doctor if you are facing shortness of breath during pregnancy?

If you do feel uncomfortable it does make sense to get in touch with your doctor. Shortness of breath could occur due to a wide variety of reasons and one of the main ones would be depletion of oxygen that are known to carry the red blood cells.

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