Men’s Name Necklaces: Sporty is Trendy

Men want a mens name necklace this season – but will any name necklace make him happy? We found that for men who love sports, a sports name necklace is a favorite pick. This fun necklace allows men to dress like famous celebrities and rappers, but still be conservative enough for the office or classroom. Men who enjoy jewelry are not just rappers and celebrities, but also doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. A modest, but shiny gold mens name necklace featuring a sports ball or jersey is a fun way for him to join in the bulky necklace look fashionable men love, but without the attention he might not want while at work or school.

Men want to join the name necklace trend, but sometimes feel like a name necklace isn’t “manly enough.” For guys wanting a larger more masculine necklace, a sports name necklace is a favorite choice. Featuring soccer, basketball, and football, mens sports name necklaces are definitely not meager. These chunky rather large necklaces have no hint of feminity though some women wear them, it’s a masculine design. Mens name necklaces can be of any text, but the more masculine designs feature Old English, Block Print, and other less rounded designs.

If you’re like most men who love sports, you love your team colors. But let’s be honest, there’s not much team gear suitable for the office casual guy. If you wear a tie, most teams have ties available with their colors and logo. However, if you’re a khakis and button down kid of guy, where can you show your team pride? Other than your coffee mug? How about in an awesome sports name necklace? Men who love the sport, but can’t sport team colors all the time love feeling team pride 24 x 7 when they’re wearing a sports name necklace.

Whether you want to feel like a celebrity any day, a men’s name necklace could be the trick. If you want to feel like a celebrity who shows off their love of sports, then a sports name necklace is the perfect choice. While hats, ties, and tee-shirts were how men sports fans showed off their love, these days men are choosing to go the custom jewelry route. Gorgeous gold and silver mens name necklaces featuring sports balls and jerseys are the latest and most popular way for men to wear their team around their neck.

If you’re looking to buy a name necklace, keep in mind that each name necklace is a custom made piece. Order a mens name necklace for yourself or others at least a few weeks in advance of the special occasion. Extra special sports necklaces, like custom diamond or birthstone orders, can be done but ask the store about how this might affect delivery time. Adding diamonds is luxurious, but can delay production time if the diamond quality you want is not available immediately. The best bet is to order a 14k gold, gold plated, or silver item, customized with plenty of time ahead of delivery.

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