BodEBall – The Ball of the Future

BodEBall pronounced Bod-E-Ball is a multifunctional ball that adds a twist of extra fun to any game and is about the size of a standard racquetball, making it ideal for a variety of sports. it is a sports accessory that helps anyone get into the spirit of the game. The ball reacts to hits with various lights, letting players know how soft or hard they are playing. BodEball is also the official game ball of a new sport being created called BodEball.

The versatile size makes it great for racquetball, handball, paddleball, playing catch, or any game you love. Playing the BodEball keeps you fit and healthy as it is a form of workout on its own.

BodEBall lights up the game with its variety of colors.  1 bounce turns BodEball on neon blue. Once on a soft hit makes the ball flash neon green for half a second while a hard hit gives you a neon red glow. Extremely hard hits are rewarded with a full second of bright white light (and the opportunity to show off your strength). Players can compete to maintain hit strengths, whether it’s a challenge to keep the ball glowing green or red for as long as you can.

Key features of BodEBall 

  • It is for a ages 
  • Prevent negative skin reaction 
  • Water resistant 
  • Light up 
  • Playable for all ages 
  • Different color of indicator 
  • Play multiple sport 
  • Portable

BodEBall is for all ages including Kids, adults, Sports Enthusiasts, athletes, College Students, Racquetball & Paddleball Players, Handball Players, Competitive People. The versatile size of the ball makes it great for racquetball, handball, paddleball, playing catch, or any game you love.

BodEball is unique in that there are no other multi-sport balls on the market with pressure sensors that change color. BodEball is an extremely versatile ball that is entertaining and a good workout for all ages.

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