The precision crossover cone

As the technology is advancing, the obsolete methods of training are becoming redundant and new and improved devices are launched every day. Similarly, the coaches and trainers of basketball are leaving behind the obsolete or traditional methods and are adopting new methods of training. 

If we talk about the basic training in basketball, we find out that the most important thing is the dribbling. If the players dribbling is good then he knows what he is doing but if the dribbling is not good enough then the players doesn’t necessarily know what he is doing. A 90-degree posture is required to dribble the ball in the most strategic way. If the players are not bending low enough then it is likely to not have good speed and good dribbling.

When kids are learning basketball, they start making habits out of everything that they learn. Due to this reason, the precision crossover cone is one of the best devices for them because they learn to dribble low when they are young and it becomes their habit. 

The precision crossover cone is a basketball training device which is specifically creating for improving the dribbling of the players. It has a traditional PVC cone and an arch.

Why is a precision crossover cone recommended?

The precision crossover cone is high recommended because of its three main benefits:

1. Low dribbling

While playing basketball, low dribbling is very important. It allows the players to have a better speed control and they can maintain a better dribbling posture. When the players start practicing with the precision crossover cone, they perfect low dribbling and they learning maintaining their balance. This gives them an advantage of playing different shots.

2. Ball turnover remains decreased

Balance, dribbling and speed allow the players to keep the ball to their team and the opponents are unable to get it. If the players are not skilled enough to maintain speed, balance and low dribbling at the same time then the ball turnover will certainly increase. This increase in the ball turnover can make the team loose.

3. Improve ball handling skills

Some beginners are unable to dribble the ball for more than 10 seconds because they don’t have enough practice. Keeping this in mind, the device known as the precision crossover cone allows the players to practice low dribbling and during that, they also learn ball handling skills. With this, they are able to improve their game and win matches.

As we see that are our day to day life is becoming more advanced and modern, similarly the basketball game itself is becoming more advanced. Players are very efficiently skilled that in order to compete with them, modern methods of training must be adopted. The crossover cone is a device which is modern and improves the game to great extents. With the evolution of basketball itself, the coaches and trainers cannot rely on traditional methods. Hence, modern methods are adopted. The crossover cone makes the players bend down quite low to dribble the ball without making it fall. It the cone falls that indicates that the player is not bending low enough.

The creators of this device are Ky Meredith and Sean. Meredith is a professional basketball skill trainer; she trains basketball players from beginner level to professional level. She was a popular basketball player but later on she opted to become a trainer. She excelled in coaching as well and was quite popular in the children and their parents because of her amazing coaching skills. Her goal is to not only make the youth, learn and grow in the basketball court but she aims at their learning outside of the court, in the daily life as well.

After her efforts, the first prototype of this device was developed in 2015. On the same year, Meredith was registered as an LLC. In 2016, the precise crossover cone was registered. Later on, the second prototype was launched and the final product was launched in 2016. The precision crossover cone received its patent in the year 2018. Since then, it has been aiding many young individuals in improving their basketball playing skills. Balance, low dribbling, maintenance of speed and new techniques are learnt through this device.

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