Best Ways Of Claiming Your Auto Finance

In case something goes wrong with one’s car it is important of one to know the best way of making a successful auto finance claim regarding the incidence, below is well detailed information of what someone should do to make sure that his claim is successful.

Get Information

· In case of an accident one should not drive away but he should make sure that the vehicle is safe and secure by pulling over if the vehicle is in the middle of the road, if someone is injured or the accident is serious one should call the police as this is helpful in case of any legal follow-up after the accident.

· One should also exchange detail with anyone else involved by giving name, addresses name of insurer and contact details and make sure you get the same from him, make a note of the make and model of the car and its registration number, one should also take contact information of any present witness.

· At this stage one should not admit liability for the accident and should not offer to pay any other drivers any money as this could be invalidate of one’s insurance.

Get the Picture

· One should use a camera or even a phone to take as many images as possible to include as many angles as possible and close-ups of any damage, making note of the time and date of the incident address of the place it occurred and weather condition at that time of accident.

Report it

· One should report an accident to his insurance company as soon as he can, even if one does not intend to make a claim, the insurance company may send a claim form to fill or they may do it via phone.

· In case of vandalism of a car or unlawful accident such as a suspected speeding or drunken drive one should report the matter as soon as possible to get a crime reference number from the police.

Best Ways Of Claiming Your Auto Finance

Making a Claim

· One should bear in mind that he or she has to pay an excess particularly if the incident was his fault, this is the contribution that one has to make on the insurance claim one should check what he has to pay by checking his policy documents or contacting his insurance company.

· Making a claim should depend on the level of damage and it cost of repair in case of minor damage repair cost may be less compared to excess cost that one pays.

What One should do

· One should follow to the point the recommendation of his insurance company to ensure this process run smoothly and as quick as possible.

· Inform the company as soon as possible and hand in all the relevant information containing document about the accident plus contact detail of any other party claim reference number and an exact account of what happened.

· Insurance company asks for more detail it is thus important of one to be as detailed as possible and honest.

Fixing it

· One should take the car for repair at a garage that is recommended by the insurance company since it has been approved for offering quality services, one should know that taking a car for repair in a garage of choice the claim may take long if the insuring company fails to agree with estimate given, its important of one not to take his car for repair without making sure the insurance company will cover the cost.

What if it’s not One’s Fault

· Here if the other party was to blame then their insurer is the one to pay for the damages incurred, if one has a comprehensive car insurance it is your insurer to pay and bill the other.

Choose a Trusted Car Insurer

· One should go for a trusted car insurance that has a good record of meeting customers need; here one is assured of smooth claim settlement, having relevant documents of book driving test theory can also act as a prove that one is not likely to be responsible of accident as they shows one is a qualified driver.

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