How To Play Fantasy Footboll

What is Fantasy Football Play? Here the participants of Fantasy Football are the managers and the owners who engage each other in competitive leagues which is based on the statistics of real Football players

First Join a League

Here you can join a public league, where no. of players joins and sign up spot or a private league where players invite you to play. This fantasy game is all about fun some people play it for fun and some play it for money, but mostly play for money. In this game selection is a serious task, so do not ignore it lightly.

Before choosing your team’s first search for available players, so that you can rank your Fantasy team according to your personal preference.

Built Fantasy Team via Draft

Where draft is more exciting and fun day of the fantasy season. During this season each fantasy owner selects from NFL players at the time until the rosters are complete. During NFL season real team faces each other so do fantasy team also too. The real team stats are totally converted into fantasy players’ points by the fantasy player league provider. And here the more points scored by will be the winner of the week.

How to Improve your Team?

The fantasy owner can drop players from the team or replace the players with free agents if you are not satisfied with their playing. If your fantasy player is injured you can replace him with another player instead. And also you may trade and offer with another owner.


There are always two transfers during the metro fantasy football season. This will allow you to make total additional, 5 free transfers during the season week, which will give you all total 6 transfers. The transfer window match weeks are those types of match which starts close to the real life premier league transfer windows at the end of August 2013 and January 2014.

Weekly Fantasy

These fantasy seasons are weekly wise where you may get a chance to win a share of a price or cash prize at the end of every week. Pick 11 players who you find best for scoring in 3-4-3 formation. You can form as many teams as you like for each week with the highest points scoring team receiving 50% of the total cash.

Supported Browsers

This fantasy game is supported in limited browsers, which are almost available to all users in these days; it is supported by all versions of browsers, and runs great with an updated version of

Google Chrome,

Firefox v5 and above,

Internet Explorer v9 and above,

Safari 5. x and above.

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