Best Homepage Website Design Ideas You Should Know

The homepage of your website is the place where the visitors land first and the navigate through the rest of the website. What happens if you homepage is not impressive or functional enough? The visitors won’t stay for long? If they don’t stay for long, you will miss out on a lot of potential clients. It is not only about the aesthetics. It’s about how accessible you make your website. There are certain basic elements that you must put on the homepage.

A good homepage design welcomes the visitors to the site, tells them what to do next, and allows them to navigate through the website in more depth. The homepage should be never be cluttered. Each element on the homepage must satisfy some or the other goal. Today we will talk about some things you must integrate on your homepage to make it better.

Graphics and text:

Your homepage needs to make a solid first impression. The homepage should be designed in a way that it represents your company’s values and unique selling point. Make use of relevant graphics or images that are relevant to the keywords.The image and text must be in correlation with each other so as to have an impact on the readers. So make the design neat and simple like how Dropbox does it. It offers hand-drawn illustrations and has information related to the company’s products.


Make use of relevant keywords to tell what your website is all about. The keyword will also be extremely useful for search engine optimization. Keywords informs the search engine bots about the web page and it’s relevant for the topic. It will help in better index and position of the homepage in all search engine results pages. Web designers can get in touch with SEO experts to learn about keywords relevant to the webpage.

Make use of slogans:

A simple phrase that is used in order to grab a user’s attention is called a slogan. A good slogan is not only striking, but also must have the persuasive power of the homepage in just a single sentence. Good slogans can transform good homepages into great homepages.

Homepage copy:

Homepage copy helps in increasing user engagement. Do not make the writing too promotional. The copy needs to be concise. It must manage to present all the essential elements of the business. The layout must be easy to scan and should assimilate all the information quickly.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Every homepage must have its own unique selling proposition. The unique value proposition of a web page tells what the company does and how differently it is done compared to other companies in the market. It will help in determining the unique benefits people will derive from the company. The unique value proposition is far more elaborate than a simple text or slogan. It’s actually much more concise and punctual. It represents all the solutions that will make them the best choice the users have made. The unique selling proposition must contain: what you do, who you do it for, and how do you do it better than your competition.

Making use of mood boards:

A mood board will help in explaining the users how you approach certain topics. It also tells them how you communicate important aspects about you and your company. A mood board is created with an intention to build a certain kind of personality for your website or your brand. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience. If the copy works as your message to the audience, a mood board is tells you how to transmit the message. The mood board includes the typography on the webpage, the color scheme used, spacing rules, how overlays, image frames, frame shadows, transparency/opacity are done, and the general contrast which shows the element structure and content hierarchy.


The homepage is the face of your website. Making it pretty will not really cover the bad personality. So along with adding good images and graphics, you also need to showcase what you offer to your users and how you help them achieve what them want. There are several website design companies that can help you with designing an impressive homepage for your website.

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