Five Best Places to See Flamenco Shows Barcelona

In Barcelona, you can watch few live flamenco shows where you can witness the real passion in these performances.  The traditional gypsy concert used to be little ad hoc affair, as you could never know when it will really begin or end however things are more professional nowadays. Most of the venues in Barcelona will offer 2 or 3 shows a night. Also, you have the option to have an in-house meal just prior to live performance.

Various concerts that are organized in Barcelona are usually of very high order than any other places in the country. So, it will be a good idea if you buy tickets in advance, as usually tickets of any popular shows are sold out much earlier during summer.

Following are five very best places where you can watch the performance.

  1. Palacio-del-Flamenco Barcelona

This elegant theatre of 1920’s has been refurbished in 2006. Now it is completely dedicated on this art and 3 shows are held with 14 professional performers every night from Monday to Sunday. It has seating capacity of 380 people however you must book your ticket in advance. The show usually lasts for 1 hour and ticket costs just €35, where drink is also included. If you pay little extra then you can enjoy typical Spanish meal too with the concert.

  1. Tablao cordobes

This is a very popular venue located at Las Ramblas that was favourite with locals as well as tourists since the 1970’s. They invite musicians from all over the Spain to show their performance in the cavern-like auditorium. As the crowd gets pushed quite closer to the stage, hence the performance becomes so much intimate that artists do not prefer to use any microphones or amplifiers. Usually, there are maximum 5 shows in single night, which depends upon the day and each show lasts about an hour. Choice available to buy your ticket which includes drinks, or buffet dinner. However, food and drinks need to be eaten before show starts.

  1. Tablao Flamenco-de-Carmen

This tablao has been named after famous “Carmen Amaya” and here the shows try to introduce all its guests about significant old-styles of flamenco, and also try to highlight its various forms of expression – vocal, instrumental and dance. Every evening they put on 2 shows. Here too like most other venues, you have choice to buy any ticket with dinner menu costing €80, tapas menu costing €61. For just drinks the cost is €43.

  1. Flamenco art at Palau-de-la-Musica

The Palau-de-la-Musica Catalana is UNESCO-listed concert hall of Barcelona, which is a beautiful red-brick building, that has been designed in the Modernista-style by one of the celebrated architects called Luis-Domenech i Montaner, who was Gaudi’s teacher sometime. Flamenco Art, here is 1.5-hour show featuring famous singers and guitarists from all around Spain. This concert takes place number of times in a month, right from spring till autumn.

  1. Flamenco and tapas night

If you are looking for experiencing the magic of most famous form of art of Spain but without paying very high prices on Las-Ramblas, in that case this popular choice is right for you. You can start your night by visiting to any authentic tablao, on any of the best-looking squares of Barcelona, for a half hour performance which will make you clear about the real meaning of this mysterious el-duende permeates the real flamenco. Thereafter you may complete your any Spanish-themed night by visiting to any local tapas bar in order to test any of the most typical dishes of the city. The total price will be just €35.

In order to know more about these shows, you may also visit the website and extract much more relevant information.

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