Backup Generator vs. UPS

Since the need for electricity increases and with the certainty of power from grid supplies decreases, power quality has been more crucial. Many people turn to generators and UPS for sources of backup power, but which of the two performs better? Read on for these tips from Jaycox Industries.

The main goal of a generator and UPS is similar – to provide emergency or backup power. In times of power outages, electronic appliances may avoid damages and can work with these alternative power sources. However, generator system and UPS system has a number of differences that causes the contrast in a number of their uses.

Backup Generator vs. UPS

Features of the Generator System

  • Generator systems can be standby or portable, depending on the size.
  • The principle on how it works involves converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  • The capacity of the power it can provide depends on the size of the generator system.
  • Generators have either manual or automatic switch to turn on in cases of power outage.
  • During the course of its operation, there is emission of noxious gases.
  • During the course of its operation, it produces unpleasant noise.
  • Generator systems can provide emergency power for long periods. It can function as an alternative power source.

Features of the UPS System

  • Compared to the generator, UPS is more portable because of its small size.
  • How it operates involves converting AC or alternating current to DC or direct current, which is after stored in the form of chemical energy in batteries. The chemical energy is then converted into direct current that is being supplied to the device.
  • The effectiveness of this system mainly depends on the right functioning and operation of the batteries.
  • UPS systems have built-in automatic switches that offer instant backup power in cases of power failure from the main supply.
  • During the course of its operation, there are no unpleasant emissions.
  • During the course of its operation, there are no disturbing noises coming from the device.
  • The power that the UPS system provides is for only short spans of time. Mostly it’s sufficient only to make sure that the connected devices are properly shut down.

With the various differences mentioned between generator and UPS system, it’ll be easier for you to choose the appropriate backup power supply according to your needs and inclination. Contact your Victoria BC electrician for more tips on electrical needs.

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