Asics Gel ODI Cricket Shoe: Treat Your Feet At The Crease

If you search for cricket shoes online you will see that you have an unbelievable number of options to choose from. This can make it difficult when narrowing down your search. After all, there is so many factors to consider, from the brand of the cricket shoe, to the style and technology. Nevertheless, one pair of cricket shoes that ticks all of the boxes is the Asics Gel ODI shoe. This is a specialist pair of batting shoes that has been created for ultimate flexibility, stability and comfort whilst at the crease. In this post you will discover everything you need to know about 2015’s hottest cricket shoes.

About Asics 

There is only one place to begin with it comes to the Asics Gel ODI Cricket Shoe and this is with the brand. Asics is a well-known and long established sports equipment company. Founded in Japan in 1949, Asics is now popular all over the world. Whilst the company sells a vast assortment of sports products, they have gained particular recognition for their top performance footwear. This is what Asics Gel ODI cricket shoes are all about – giving you the perfect platform to enhance your performance whilst enjoying the sport.

Great Design

The lightweight design has already received a substantial amount of praise. You certainly won’t feel held back whilst playing cricket. The shoes are comfortable yet they provide you with all of the flexibility you need. The outsole not only gives you the opportunity to move around the crease at a fast pace, but you will also be able to plant your feet securely as well. Thus, whilst these shoes may be lightweight, stability is certainly not compromised. The DuoMax Technology used ensures this is the case, whilst shock is attenuated thanks to the GEL unit in the rear foot. These shoes provide the perfect balance between flexibility and support, which is exactly what you want when you are looking for a cricket shoe.

Additional Features

Another key component on the Asics Gel ODI Cricket Shoe is the breathable upper. This ensures your feet have the chance to breathe and that you feel fresh. There is nothing worse than feeling sticky and uncomfortable in your cricket shoes a mere ten or fifteen minutes into the game. You can be sure this will not happen with Gel ODI cricket shoes. Aside from this, the Fluid Ride midsole is another standout feature. This provides outstanding cushioning and bounce back for ultimate comfort. Combine this with the breathability and you can be sure you will enjoy wearing these shoes.

All in all, hopefully you now have a much better understanding of the Asics Gel ODI Cricket Shoe.There are many reasons why this shoe is highly sought after and regarded. The lightweight design gives you the platform to play to your full potential. Nevertheless, you can be sure that stability and security have not been compromised either. The Asics Gel ODI shoes are definitely set to become one of the hottest pairs of cricket shoes this year.

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