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Are Cockroaches Running Amok In Your House?

Don’t get mad, get even – with Mortein cockroach killer spray!

They’re quick and they’re dirty and they spread filth and diseases…cockroaches are probably the most disgusting pests in the world! They thrive on garbage, dirt and sewage, and they bring the germs from these dirty environs into the homes they infest. They also breed very quickly and soon, you can have an entire cockroach colony in your house.

The worst part is, they are extremely resilient to attempts on their life. They are never completely killed when you try to squash them because their tough exoskeleton protects them from extreme pressure. They have very thin bodies that help them escape into the tiniest plaster cracks and holes in the walls. They can remain alive for days without food or any kind of nourishment. In fact, the theory that cockroaches could be the only creatures to survive a nuclear holocaust, could well be true!

The entry of cockroaches into the home signals the entry of other pests like house lizards, which feed on the former. So when you see a pair of cockroach antenna scoping out your house through the trap in the kitchen sink or bathroom floor, it’s time to spring into action!

Are Cockroaches Running Amok In Your House

Zap cockroaches with Mortein spray

While very little makes an impression on cockroaches, only Mortein Powergard Cockroach Killer spray has the goods on roaches. Even the most intensive pest control treatment only serves to deter cockroaches from entering for about a couple of months. But Mortein’s cockroach killer spray eliminates cockroaches in just a few minutes.

To use, simply spray every cockroach you find with the Mortein cockroach killer spray. Its unique formulation penetrates the oily protective layer on the cockroach’s body and enters its system. The poison in the formulation then starts killing the cockroach swiftly. You will find that the roach is dead in just a few minutes – sweep it up and throw it away in the garbage where it belongs!

How to maximise the use of Mortein cockroach killer spray

It is not possible to spray every cockroach you come across. You cannot be expected to drop all your jobs and go on cockroach patrol! But you must take a few minutes and find out where the cockroaches have their nest. These are always found in dark, moist places – check the space under the kitchen sink, or behind the garbage can, or behind the big pipe in your bathroom.

  • Cockroaches live in moist, warm places, so when you find the nest, be sure to spray it liberally with Mortein cockroach killer spray. This should kill not just the visible cockroaches, but also their eggs.
  • Next, clean out all the wet areas with soap and a strong disinfectant. Cockroaches are repelled by clean areas, so the more hygienic you make the toilet, bathroom and kitchen, the more they will keep away.
  • Spray all traps and sinks with cockroach spray every night before going to bed. Roaches normally enter through traps, so this is a good place to target.
  • Close all garbage bins and wipe up all food spills at once. Cockroaches are attracted to food, so keep all raw and prepared food covered. Use bin liners and dispose of the trash every single day – rotting food is the strongest magnet for these pests!
  • Seal all cavities and holes in the plaster and skirting board. Cockroaches lurk inside these spaces.
  • You do not need to spray the air with cockroach repellent and killer sprays – these pests are normally found on the ground. But do use a spray for flying cockroaches!
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