A Film That Deals With The Issue Of Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

The Basketball Diaries:

Leonardo Di Caprio’s main role in the film, he plays a young kid who is excellent in sports, does well in school and is a good friend. But little by little, this guy is going to fall into the dark world of drugs along with his friend. They start venturing to the ugliest parts of the streets of New York, where other teenagers are willing to do everything to get more drugs.

The phrase that became famous with this film says: “Time flies when you’re young and you inject”

When we see this movie, we realize that this story is that many young people live daily in our cities, in our neighborhood, in our streets in front of our homes. It is very important that everyone is aware and do something to help these people, especially when it comes to a family member or a close friend.

A Film That Deals With The Issue Of Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

The saddest thing of all is that our young people are not famous actors of movies that are simply playing a role on the big screen, our young people are being the protagonists of their own stories in real life. That is why in our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery we have prepared in create a custom program to treat each of the cases of addictions that our patients present once you enter our detox program.

Let us not allow the life and the youth of our young people go in a blink of an eye, there are so many things to have to struggle and it is our duty to give them the tools they need to fight their battles and learn, not just to survive, but to learn to live, be happy, learn to love and to be loved.

When young people with severe addiction to drugs and alcohol are admitted to our rehabilitation centers, the first thing we do, therefore, is to make them feel welcome to your new home, where they will not be able to have nothing of temptations, where the only thing you will find is kindness, respect, affection, understanding and pure feelings toward them.

Then you have the appointment with the team of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists of the center, who will prepare the custom program of detoxification and begin with the whole process until we achieve the objectives, which consist of a full and partial rehabilitation of the patient.

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