6 GoToWebinar Alternatives

We no longer present GoToMeeting, this video conferencing solution that you must have already encountered at your discretion. And well GoToWebinar is the adaptation by the same editor of this app to the very particular use of the webinar.

On the functional side, we find just about everything and the solution, once taken in hand, turns out to be formidable and effective. If it comes within your budget, it’s almost a “no brainer”: go ahead!

But before you go, look at the price: 89 euros per month and per presenter for rooms that can accommodate up to 100 people (199 € for 500 people in the room and 299 € for 1000). These are 6 competitive GoToWebinar alternatives that you may be interested.

Cisco WebEx

Solution published by Cisco, Webex is to GoToTraining what Vegeta is to SanGoku before they reconcile: this is somewhere enemy brothers who basically look at themselves, copy themselves, and shoot themselves up. It’s up to you to choose your camp, and the best is still to test the two solutions.

At Webex, the Webinar tool is Webex Event Center. In practice, it turns out a little more thought “big companies” and one can deplore that the signup or the pricing are a little more complex to understand than for GoToWebinar, for which there exists in particular a free trial ). But it remains very solid. Too probably for startups or SMEs.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best video conferencing solutions that is available in the market today. The best feature of this GoToWebinar alternative is the screen sharing and HD video conferencing option. Besides, with ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can also take the advantages that come with document sharing, meeting scheduling , instant messaging, meeting recording and playback, remote controlling of applications, toll-free audio conferencing and presence of an interactive whiteboard for explaining any image or the presentation itself during the meeting. This software has also provided the option of customizing the on-premise video conferencing solution for the participants. You can either choose the annual subscriptions for video conferencing or the monthly option as per their requirements.

6 GoToWebinar Alternatives


In this world dominated by the Webex-GoToWebinar oligopoly, a small new one is quietly making its way, with a very direct approach: it is more SIMPLE than the big machines that are our two “unavoidable” moderate. Without being 100% designed for webinars (especially on the registration part), it will in any case be appropriate to test the model very pro, without having to invest too much. It will cost you roughly in the $ 20 monthly. To test without doubt if you begin.

Google Hangouts

This is Google’s offer. Google Hangouts, what. Very stable (with a good connection and a rather good machine, it is resource intensive) up to 10-12 people, you can very well do without any software at first pay. For example, manage your invitations with a GoogleForm, restart it with your own mailbox, and run Hangouts. You can even link your account to your YouTube channel to publish your video or share your desktop directly.


Its positioning can not be clearer: to make 10 times cheaper than GoToWebinar or Webex. Well, ok, it’s more like a web conference solution at first, but the list of its features is still very long, and it may be suitable for some.

Beyond the purely “software to make webinars” aspect, some actors have positioned themselves a little differently … and can therefore meet some of your needs …


Webikeo is a bit of a marketplace for webinars. On the business side, the promise is not “only” technical: the advantage here is to have access to a large number of potential participants (then raises the question of the qualification of these people!). Indeed, filling your room is probably the most complex thing.

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