It is no secret that, with technology advancing at an incredibly unprecedented rate, more and more prefer to spend their free time locked in their room watching funny videos or playing video games instead of going outside and doing physical exercise. It is no wonder that the rate of obesity continues to rise year by year. This trend is rather disheartening to see, as there are many benefits you can gain from doing simple physical exercise or taking up the sports of your choice. Here are five top reasons why taking up sports is important and beneficial for your psyche!

Better academic achievement

The dumb jock stereotype often seen in movies and TV shows cannot be further from the truth, as many studies suggest that those who do routine physical exercise tends to do better academically when compared to their peers who do not. Not only that, sports also require you to hone skills that are beneficial outside the sports itself, including learning and memorizing new routine or technique.

Learn about Teamwork and Cooperation

Socializing is an incredibly vital and important aspect of our daily life, especially in this increasingly globalized world. We meet, interact, and socialize with many different people with diverse background, both in our daily life as well as in the workplace or at school. Taking up sports, especially team sports such as football, soccer, or basketball, can greatly help you with your communication and teamwork skills. Interacting with your fellow athletes, coaches, or even the opponent team can teach you a lot about how to be an effective communicator and problem solver.

Boost your self-esteem

The moment when you score a goal, or lead your team to victory, or break a new personal record, sports can greatly boost your self-esteem and increase your confidence. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that all the hard work you are doing is finally paid off, and successfully completing your personal goal can make you more spirited to tackle bigger, more difficult goals later on.

Loosen up and destress

It is no secret that physical activities and exercises are natural ways to reduce stress, which is why doctors are recommending simple exercises such as morning jog or yoga to many of their patients. Not only will the physical aspect of the sports itself help you loosen up and destress, sports can also help you connect with new friends who can be your very own support system.

Health benefits

The fifth and most obvious benefit you can gain from sports are in regards to your health. Not only will physical exercise makes you more fit and helps you achieve your weight or body goal, taking up sports also discourage you from doing unhealthy habits that could lead to more health problems in the future, such as smoking or drinking. Sports also offer you great long-time benefits, such as less risk of heart disease and osteoporosis in your later age.


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