Motivating Children in Sport

Exercise or sport for children could be something new. As kids, they still need to a guide. Introduction sports to children could be through the game which you and your kids do. But, to motivate your children in thesport will not be easy. There are several steps which you should do to motivate the kids to do sports.

Set challenges

Normally, kids love playing. You could offer activities to them as the challenges. You should apply it to all the players or the kids. The sports activity could be done as achallenge which can make your children interesting to do the sport.

Set Goals

The sports which you offer to children could be a simple but effective. The sports could be an efficient tool to motivate athletes. It is good to set goal for every kid in each game. You could set goals for your kids in the game which they involve. It helps you to see the potential of the athlete in the children.


When you want to motivate your children in sport, you will need to pay attention. You should beware of how to feedback and demonstrate to children. You may need to make the children engage in the sport. When you give your children some guide, you may need to make sure that they are paying attention.

Positive Feedback

Nothing could make people love to do what they do when they have positive feedback. It applies on motivating the kids on doing the sport. Children will rely on the adult feedback. It means that you, as parents, should give some positive feedback. You must not let your children down, especially in the spirit.

Mix it up

When you motivate the children for doing sports, you should be creative. You may need to mix it up. You should keep changing and adapting your session. You are not suggested to do repetition. You should try to make different challenges every time you ask your children to involve in the sports games. You also need to use scenario and role models to engage children with the sport.

Make it Fun

It is a must to make kids have fun while they do sport. It is important to let the kids have a good time when they are doing sports. You could create asupportive learning environment where children can learn and enjoy themselves in asports game or sports instruction.

Lead by example

Kids imitate and it applies to everything. Kids will repeat what the adults do. As parents, you should be the example. When you want your kid to do sports, you should show that you do that too. The kids will be easier for kids to imitate the parent.

Life Lesson

In certain condition, sports could be a life lesson. It could teach children a little about the competition and the up and down of life. It could be useful.


The autonomy in sports could help children to make their own decision. They also will help them to solve problems.

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