Tips for Your Kids’ Sports Safety

It would be great if you can introduce sports early to your kids so they are used to the physical activities. After all, sports are good for their overall well-being and also mental clarity. Kids as old as 4 or 5 years of age can be introduced to different kinds of sports, leaving them to choose their own favorite activity. Studies show that children who are used to physical activities and sports tend to develop better health, better physical development, and also a bigger success.

The main problem of introducing sports to such young kids can result in the bigger chances of injuries. Yes, small kids are prone to sports risks and injuries. Most kids have a slower reaction when compared to adults and most kids don’t really know how to protect themselves – or the proper technique to avoid a risky situation. If you want to protect your kids, there are some things that you can do.

How to Provide Better Protection for the Kids

Here are some effective ways to protect your kids as well as minimizing the possibility of sports injuries:

  • Warming up and cooling down are important. In fact, they should be included in your kids’ fitness routine. Whether they are beginners or advanced athletes, warming up and cooling down will prevent injury on the soft tissue or muscle strain. Consider having light jogging or stretching so the muscles will be more flexible, increasing the possibility of better stress management and handle.
  • Avoiding the heat is advisable. Kids are prone to heat sickness and dehydration. If your kids are active in the outdoor sports, you should provide them with enough information about exposing themselves to the heat.  Educate them about the proper consumption and how important it is to keep themselves stay energized and fuelled. Show them the importance of wearing the sunscreen. If it is possible, let them get used to wearing hats or head protection. It is also important to let them know that they should hydrate themselves properly. That’s why you should also prepare a bottle of water every time they have the training.
  • Giving them the right and proper safety gear and equipment. When your kids are active, they should also wear the safety gear. Of course, different sports require different gears but in most cases, you should consider the right padding, safety harness, helmet, supportive shoes, goggles, and also mouth guards. Be advised that a protective gear from one sport can’t be used for another sport. For instance, a batting baseball helmet can’t be used for biking. Or the roller-skate padding can’t be used for baseball. The lack of safety gear is one of the most common issues of kids’ injuries.
  • Monitoring and watching your kids are advisable. Sure, you may want your kids to be independent but it won’t hurt anyone if you can monitor them and stay with them during the practice. If you can’t do this every time they have their practice, at least do this during the first periods of training. It gives you a better idea of how they exercise and how they handle the stress.


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