5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Have a Facebook Page

Facebook may be famous for connecting people to each other through wall posts, messages, chat and what not but these days Facebook is creating a buzz for the excellent opportunities it provides businesses with. Around 30 million active business pages exist on Facebook as of 2014 and these numbers are bound to increase. If you are an entrepreneur and have not yet set your mind on promoting your business through Facebook here are some facts to convince you to create your own business page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Facebook gains you brand recognition by making your brand more visible to potential customers. Having your brand name linked with Facebook, which is a well established entity, automatically raises its status, winning you social recognition.

Viral marketing

With millions of active Facebook users logging into Facebook every day, the task of marketing your product is made easier by the sheer extent of your marketing. When people start to recognize the value of your brand and its products they are likely to share and like your pages which in turn prompts others to like your page and also make enquiries about your products and services. Once you strike a chord with the right audience there is no stopping the ripple effect it creates to expand your customer base.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Have a Facebook Page

Various modes of communication

Facebook offers you various means to reach your target market and communicate effectively with them. Using Facebook you can upload your latest product’s images, share videos advertising your product and its use, post news and information about latest events, communicate with customers through the comment and chatting options, and also assess your popularity with the likes your page and its content receives

The ‘Like’ factor

In order to get Facebook users to like your page, Facebook offers you the option to hide your business information and details until the user likes your page. This factor is likely to gain you maximum likes as Facebook users tend to click the like button for the mere curiosity of what you have to offer to customers. Also you now have the option to Buy Facebook Likes which makes your business more prominent, more quickly.

Trend Analysis

Since a major section of Facebook users encompasses the youth, you can monitor and determine their likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences more closely and set your marketing strategies to serve this segment better. Interacting with customers through a direct channel will help you come up with better products and services for your target audience.

Serving the growing market demands and being a success at it is not an easy task but Facebook just improves your company’s prospects. So make the most of this opportunity and set your own business page to attain your business goals.

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