5 Health Benefits Of Massage For Men

Many people enjoy a massage session when they are free from their usual schedule, mostly because they know that it leaves them more refreshed and rejuvenated. They don’t simply know anything beyond this feeling although massage has more effect than just making you relaxed. Massage treatment is known to have many health benefits, and this is why you should try to create some little time between your busy schedules to undergo a massage.5 Health Benefits Of Massage For Men

Let’s look at five health benefits of massage for men

Stress Reduction

Men store up more stress in comparison to women. You will experience stress mostly from workplace related issues, financial matters, and many other factors. We are aware that massage treatment makes you feel more relaxed and also know that the more relaxed you are, the less stressful you are. How does a massage help in this then? According to research, massage decreases the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. A moderate 40-minute massage once or twice a week will not only reduce the stress hormone – hence making you stress-free – but will also increase the levels of oxytocin, the hormone that promotes a connection feeling. Massage will, therefore, be very helpful to you if you live in stressful conditions.

Improved Muscle Recovery

Sometimes after a strenuous exercise or gym workout, you get muscle inflammation and may be probably sore or worn out for the rest of the week. A good massage will greatly help in making you recover fast. Massage affects two genes in the muscle cells, the first which decrease inflammation from exercises and the second that increase mitochondrial production in the muscles. The mitochondria use the broken down food products as well as the oxygen in the body to generate energy that is needed by the cells. Massage treatment helps improve this process hence leading to a faster recovery. Massage, unlike other treatments such as inflammatory medicines and ice baths, does not block muscle growth and repair: it will make you feel better as well as speed up the muscle recovery.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Back problems can be a great challenge to people to the extent of restraining the ability to work. A severe back pain can make it even hard to sleep when you lie down in bed; you will have to sleep in a particular way. Almost 80 percent of American adults do experience back pain at the lower end. According to research, taking a massage weekly for around ten weeks will cure your problem as efficiently as exercise and medication. Massage also leads to the trigger of endorphin release. This endorphin raises the threshold for pain. Hence, you will not easily feel the pain.

Sex Drive Boost

If you are very preoccupied with many issues or probably worried or stressed, your sex drive will most likely be little and in some instances very minimal. Stimulation to boost your drive will, therefore, be necessary for such conditions. A good massage before sex, such as the very effective nuru massage, helps significantly in sexual arousal. Massage helps in increasing the emotional bond between the sex partners as well as relax the body and make it ready for sex. All is needed it’s for you to have a soft lighting, wine, soft music and oil; then start with a back massage. The music, aroma and wine act as the aphrodisiacs that increase the sexual desire. A well-oiled hand will intensify stimulation by reducing muscle tension.

Falling Asleep Faster

There is nothing as depressing as bad as watching the clock tick and hours while away yet you can’t find sleep. Lack of sleep may be caused by many factors such as depression, stress, and too much thinking or worry. According to research, massage calms your heart rate, reduces muscle tension, makes you relaxed by easing stress as well as lowers your blood pressure. A good massage will, therefore, help you not only to sleep faster than usual but also get a quality, uninterrupted sleep.

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