2019 Fiesta ST-A Performance Vehicle Declared by Ford

As a three-door performance vehicle, the 2019 Fiesta ST model from Ford had scaled up to new heights in its maturity in comparison to its yester-year ST model. As proudly explained by the sales team of the San Diego Ford dealer, the reasons for popularity was many, among which the performance in combination with high fuel efficiency did the actual magic that touches an EPA rating of 38mpg on average driving speed.

The Engine Power

The 1.5-liter engine brings the effectiveness of running on just two cylinders to an appreciable level. The turbocharged motor has a miraculous response time from a low speed that smoothly transcends into a higher speed without letting you experience even a minor jerk at 6250 rpm. The engine takes little time to get friendly with you and once it knows your traits, it will instinctively change its gears from its three-pot to the higher realms. Undoubtedly, this little engine had all the good reasons to impress the drivers through its capabilities that were not really expected out of it.

The 3.0-liter-engined 2019 ford Fiesta ST has a natural sporting ability that could pump up a horsepower of 197 at 6000rpm and a torque of 214lb ft at 1600-4000rpm. Its engine response showed up clearly when it was time to accelerate hard that took 0-62mph in merely 6.5secs. The engine revved without a hitch while merging to the highway, while its chassis was eager to take up the job with the right spirit. running with a Curb weight of 1262 kg its Fuel economy score reached 47.1 mpg at the highway speed.

Precise Handling

Handling the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST was definitely a breeze, thanks to the torque window that we found to be much broader than the average ones, that gave us an added advantage of grip, that again got a secondary support from those high-quality Michelin Super Sport tires, while the Quaife front differential, installed as a part of the optional Performance Pack from Ford heightened the grip beyond imagination. There was however no extra power needed to be applied even if you urged for a bit more aggression. Both the steering angle and traction did their job well at every trying situation.

Custom Driving Modes

After testing the driving modes at the San Diego Ford, we firmly lodged at the conclusion that Ford knew all about the driving spirits of different people and how to please them with the right drive modes. Even though the Normal mode was more than sufficient to drive through all terrains and moods, who would not like to experiment with the Sports mode that gives you better electronic stability control, and has more fun?

Overall, the rides in the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST was really fun, as the driving comfort was much more than we really expected. That, of course, included more fun even for the rear seat passengers who had a lot to cherish. Apart from the lavish seating arrangements covered with soft touching materials had enough cushioning to support a long journey while staying tuned to the latest infotainment system integrated to the smartphone technologies like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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