How to Train BJJ like Eduardo Telles?

There is more to it than just training when you want to become like one of the best black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Fighters like Eduardo Telles has many achievements in combat sports, but they didn’t just lay around to get them, it is a result of many years of training and disciplined lifestyle. The first thing you should know is if you want to become the best or just train to be in shape.

If you want to become the best then you need to invest some time in a healthy lifestyle and have a mindset like a champion. Training for a couple of days won’t make you a champion. You need to have a goal and a plan on how to get there. Discipline is the most important thing because you won’t last long otherwise. Get more information here:

Analyze Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Maybe analyzing isn’t a physical type of training, but you need to know what to improve before you start. It doesn’t have to be only your strength mental preparation is also a very important part. You can make a list of techniques you need to work on like submissions, leg locks, back attacks, top game, guard, takedowns, and defenses and escapes.

There are five important parts of physical enhancement and they are durability, flexibility, endurance, power, and strength. If you want to win every match, you need to work on every aspect. Trainers will help you achieve that you only need to tell them your plan. Fighter that isn’t mentally prepared before a match has a 10% higher chance of losing. Working on your confidence, focus, and self-discipline will help you go in the match prepared.


When you figure out how powerful your mind is, you will understand that you need to work on it like in the gym. Visualization practice should be done each training session. But also, it can be trained in everyday life. You shouldn’t always think about what is going to be done. Try to recall what happened in your sparring training and where you had problems. It would be hard, in the beginning, to recall everything because your focus is all over the place.

When you can visualize what your instructor said when you learned new techniques, you will learn new stuff easily. Recalling constantly will help you construct an image in your head better. The other benefit is that you can visualize a situation when you are learning a new technique. This can help you predict what can happen. A great tip is to imagine this in the first person. A lot of competitors will use this in BJJ to calm down and focus on the positive outcome.

Training Journal

A training journal is a great way to keep track of your improvements. After each training you should write down what you have done correctly and wrong, and the visualization part will help you here. Professionals like Eduardo Telles are using this to realize where they made mistakes.

Besides your class, when you work out at home, write down the day before what needs to be done. Don’t do it on your phone even if you use it throughout the whole day. Writing down on a paper is a powerful thing and keep it close to you in a way that you will see it in the morning when you get up.

Set Goals and Study Competition

Many people make a mistake when setting their goals, and they just write down they need to win a tournament for example. The more you break down your goals, the easier it will be to get to them. Write down what you need to achieve in the next month, two, and six months to a year. It is proven that when you get to a goal, it will improve your mood and you will be ready for the next, so small goals are better than large.

The best way you can win a match besides training hard is to know your opponent. Every professional will watch videos of their competitors and try to find a weakness. You will know where to hit and how you should defend yourself. Imagine that you are having a match with someone you don’t know anything about, their technique will surprise you, and you will only have the opportunity to learn during the match.

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