5 Things To Ask Your Gynaecologist

Obstetricians and gynaecologists are doctors who focus on female reproductive health.  A gynaecologist can answer questions about changes happening to your body. Routinely meeting your gynaecologist and seeking guidance can help you maintain and improve reproductive health. Never be embarrassed to discuss concerns regarding sexual pain, painful periods, vaginal odour, sexual activities etc. with your gynaecologist. You are not the only person who has these concerns.

5 Things To Ask Your Gynaecologist

Sexual Pain

Pain during intercourse called dyspareunia is a common problem among women. There can be several causes of sexual pain. It can be due to allergic reactions on theskin in thevagina, vaginal itching, and vaginal dryness, involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles during penetration, psychological causes or health conditions. It is important to find the cause of pain and treat it. Talk to your gynaecologist and seek advice on sexual pain.

Painful Periods

Many women experience painful periods or menstrual cramps. These menstrual cramps are called dysmenorrhea. These cramps can start just before the beginning of theperiod and might continue for several days. Sometimes other symptoms like sweating, nausea, diarrhoea may occur along with these cramps. Some women are able to cope up with this pain. But it is advisable to talk to your gynaecologist and discuss the pain relief options that can work for you.

How do I do a Self-breast Examination?

Self-breast examination is something that every woman should do once a month at home. A gynaecologist can teach you how to do a self-breast exam and check for lumps. Notify your doctor immediately if you find a nodule or a small bump inside your breast tissue.

Vaginal Odour or Colour Change

Change in colour odour or consistency of vaginal discharge may be a sign of infection. Medical treatment is necessary at this point to treat the infection.

When should I Start Planning for, and having Children?

It is recommended to visit your gynaecologist even before you start trying to conceive.They will go over your full medical history, family history, genetic issues, hereditary diseases and current medications. This will help to ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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