Zigo, Leading Innovation In The South African Human Resources Industry

Innovation and competing in the global economy is becoming a reality for many businesses in Africa, even small scale businesses can generate solid ideas that disrupt markets and compete against larger and more established enterprises. This is a refreshing idea for the South African economy which now finds itself competing in the international market. The HR jobs industry is also evolving in technological aspects as more and more candidates adapt to technological developments.

Zigo, Leading Innovation In The South African Human Resources Industry

Job aggregation is an interesting aspect of how innovation can improve how people look for jobs and how recruiters secure talent. Zigo.co.za collects listings from South Africa’s leading job portals and takes advantage of mobile technology, the internet and social networks. “The innovative aspect of the business lies in constantly coming up with new innovations in the businesses; we work closely with recruiters and communicate with candidates to ensure that the site meets the requirements.” Says Charles Edelstein, Zigo’s CEO.

Zigo aggregates jobs from portals such as Job Placements and Executive Placements, there are recruiters signed to the website along with thousands of candidates signed to website to easily source candidates. In addition, Zigo has launched new cloud-based software which is a Leave Management System designed to simplify leave tracking for Small to Medium Enterprises which often struggle in communicating leave policies to staff members. Leave management is an integral part of ensuring maximum productivity and staff motivation.

“Thriving in the tech environment entails constantly coming up with new ideas in developing new products and developing the website to accommodate the recruiters and the candidates.” Adds Edelstein. South Africa that is fast developing in terms of technology, yet the high unemployment rate continues to threaten the country’s economy. Zigo has been operating in South Africa over the past 5 years, and it also operates in the UK and the USA.

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