Why Good Cat Litter Box is Essential for Our Health?

Cats could affect our health in a few different ways. Other than toxoplasmosis, E. Coli bacteria could also reside in feline fecal material. This could happen when cats consume undercooked or raw meats. E. Coli is naturally found in human intestinal tract and deposited through feces. Almost all E. Coli strains are harmless, however a few of them may produce toxins and induce severe illnesses on people. Common symptoms are abdominal cramps and diarrhea. In small children, E. coli infections may cause more serious effects, such as kidney failure. By performing various preventative measures, we should be able to reduce of infections significantly.

Why Good Cat Litter Box is Essential for Our Health

Litter boxes pose significant health risks among children and this is something that any cat owner should really be aware of. Not only people, cats could also be affected, if they use very dirty litter box. Cats lick themselves to stay clean and if they use dirty litter box, their paws could be inhabited by various dangerous bacteria. Unsanitary conditions could cause various health issues on cats, such as urinary tract infections. Although rarely fatal, cats can become very restless and harder to control due to significant discomfort. In this case, cats will requite treatment by an experienced veterinarian.

If cats have been affected by unsanitary conditions, people will also be easily affected. Regardless of the type of litter box, it could pose health issues to cat. The most popular type of litter is probably the clumping model. In this case, we should make sure that litters should meet the specified hygienic and convenience qualities. In order to improve hygiene at home, we may need to avoid non-clumping models, because they don’t isolate and absorb feces like clumping models. As a result, non-clumping models can be quite difficult to disinfect and clean. Bacteriap build-up will immediately spread in the interior of the house, causing various health problems to people.

In order to simplify the cleaning process, we may need to choose the automatic self cleaning model. Just what its name implies, an automatic self cleaning litter would automatically sweep cat waste into a sealed bag or compartment. However, self-cleaning litter could represent a different health hazard to small children. During a cleaning cycle, small children who play with litter could be injured. In this case, we should choose an automatic model with sensor that won’t work when there’s a foreign object in it. In this case, children won’t be injured when they put their hands inside the litter during the automatic cleaning phase.

With automatic cleaning model, people could be kept safer, because much of the microorganisms will be sealed in special bag. Although the litter has a built-in sensor to avoid injury, it is a good idea to put it beyond the reach of children. In this case, we will make sure that children won’t contract any kind of illness. This article isn’t meant to dissuade people from owning a cat, but with some extra efforts, we could make sure that cats can stay in home for a long period of time without causing any health hazard.

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