Will Google Launch Its Own Self-Driving Car?

The market rumor is finally established by the report of Jessica Lessin, the former Wall Street Journal reporter. The search engine giant, Google initially planned to construct a self-driving car. But due to some internal reasons, it changed its course to producing its own self-driving car.

Self-Driving Car GoogleGoogle spoke with a number of “contract manufacturers”, to build a customized car. The renowned manufacturers in Google’s list include global leaders like, Continental AG and Magna International. The company wanted to invest in this after the Governor of California, Jerry Brown mandated safety precautions for the self-driving cars. In the month of September 2012, Jerry Brown said that the state needs to follow the rules and regulations related to self-driving that is set by the governing body of the state. While signing the bill by the Governor Google co-founder Sergey Brin commented that, the company is having discussions with many automobile leaders and that it is too early to make any comments. However, currently it has no plans about possessing vehicles. Reports say that it is testing autonomous vehicle mechanism on the Toyota Prius. Journalist Jessica Lessin after a market research states that internal report of Google suggests that it might attempt to manufacture its own car simply to keep the other automotive manufacturers under anxiety. Or it may adopt an alternative measure of using its own cars in a unique way. Google might use its cars as “robo taxis” like a driverless Uber.

A company official said that the automatic car is just one of the company’s plans just like its other projects Google Glass and Project Loon. Search engine major, Google is prudentially making investment in the said field. With the increased use of self-driving car, the environment of California will undergo a drastic change. A green and sustainable environment will be ensured by the novel approach.

In addition to the Governor of California, the transportation officials of The United States of America made a recent announcement about the guidelines to be followed by the users as well as the lawmakers who are lettering the laws about the automobile technology. Toyota Motors Corporation and Audi demonstrated some automatic vehicle mechanism in the automotive fair of the current year. Though they are no doubt outstanding and innovative and promising as well but according to the market specialist they are still in their nascent stage, and hence, awaiting for further development. The modification will therefore take years, says an official of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Google always did not have a success in this pioneering venture. When it became unsuccessful with Nexus One Web store, it was compelled to shut it down in the year 2010. However, after its failed attempt it again made an approach with Nexus 7 and the Chrome cast, which are also obtainable from many hardware retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Google is yet to make a formal statement. A company spokesperson commented that there are rumors in the market about the self-driving car but Google will not comment on speculation.

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