Why The Qualities Of Seagrass Rugs Would Fit Your Taste and Living Standards

The most practical solution as a perfect home décor item for floor covering are rugs or carpets, mainly because rugs or carpets are available in different color shades and in various designs. Installing rugs or carpets not only coverany faults in the flooring but also glorify the space. Also, a rug or carpet is anappealing object of attraction, especially for your visitors or guests. Carpet weavers have been making carpets from the animal fibers like the goat’s hair and sheep’s wool for several centuries. In the past only the rich and royal could afford to buy these products. Later on it became the weaving of synthetic carpets or rugs which were cheaper but they failed so far as appearance and durability over the long term. Synthetic carpets or rugs have failed to satisfy most customers in terms of quality of appearance and performance. On the contrary, experimenting with the plant fibers like sisal, coir, jute and sea grass for weaving the carpets or the rugs have been a very successful change.

Why The Qualities Of Seagrass Rugs Would Fit Your Taste and Living Standards

In the recent times, seagrass rugs have been providing great customer satisfaction in terms of aesthetic look and also for their quality performance.It is the same seagrass that grows on the seabed and forms the perfect shelter for many marine species like turtles and dugongs, etc. Harvesting ofseagrass is done from the seabed and later on dried in the sun and processed for making fibers. These seagrass items are woven in squares and then sewn together with the latex backing. Floorspace seagrass rugs have been glorifying the living spaces of everyone of their customers for many years. To place your order for sea grass rugs simply visit the Floorspace website or by visiting their store, where you select the necessary measurements in different colors and patterns. Floorspace have been promoting their signature seagrass rugs with the support of a guarantee for one year. Purchasing your seagrass rugs from Floorspace is simply the worth investment for many practical reasons highlighted below:

1)  Seagrass rugs are woven from the eco friendly fibers that grow as flowering plants under the sea. Like any other rug or carpets made fromplant fibers, seagrass rugs are also biodegradable. These rugs can be recycled and then subjected to further use.

2)  Often a carpet or rug can cost a small fortune especially for any person who is from the middle or lower income groups. Therefore, seagrass rugs are an answer in a practical form for rugs with a sophisticated appearance and offer great performance.  And the sea grass rugs are surprisingly affordable.

3)  The seagrass rugs are popular among the carpet lovers for their ability to counter any type of dirt collection. And because the seagrass fibers are highly durable to bear the wear and tear of the time. Dry cleaning is the ideal option for keeping it clean or tidy.  The dust or the dirt is simply cleaned away with the help of the brush and then a dry cleaning powder is used. Club soda can be used for removing any form of hard stains or any other liquid spills.

4)  Any form of liquid contact is strictly to be avoided. Otherwise, it can spoil the look of plant fiber made rugs or carpets. Therefore, it is always suggested to install the seagrass rugs in your living or dining space.

5)  Contact with the sunrays is also going to spoil the appearance of the seagrass rugs. Color may fade dramatically and as a result, these rugs would not appear to be of any use further.

6)  The toughness of the seagrass rugs make it suitable in the areas of heavy foot traffic.

7)  Its surface remains soft and smooth enough for people who move about barefooted.  And seagrass rugs do not generate any static electricity.

8)  The seagrass rugs or carpets maintain a hypoallergenic property. Installation of these rugs would not let anyone suffer from the effects of allergens or germs.

The above mentioned reasons would surely inspire anyone to buy and rely on the brightness and performance of seagrass rugs. Seagrass rugs would surely stand as an object of pride for its lifetime.

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