Why Students Need Organization, Prioritization and Critical Thinking

Many students are having issues with proper organization and they often throw things away too easily on the bed and desk. They do it as if they won’t take it again later. Many students don’t really mind about putting their clothes neatly. In this case, we should ensure to gain more responsibility. In general, this kind of attitude doesn’t make sense, because we may end up spending more time to do something. Students with proper organization skills are able to find things more easily and they don’t waste time or energy looking for something important in the room or in their computer. It is important for us to have proper reading ability to gain more skills. In this case, we will be able to find ways to improve our conditions. Regardless of what we do, we should be able to find things easily.

Proper organization should apply to our activities and surrounding. With proper organization, many students are able to achieve good time management and effective planning. This could go hand in hand with excellent planning and organization. Good planning will allow us to organize properly and with good organization, proper planning can be enhanced.  Good organization should be about what could get in the least amount of time. Without good organization, there are many missing key pieces that we need to consider. Obviously, we can’t make cake if we have no eggs. In this situation we should try to make our efforts more effective by behaving properly in college. Prioritization can be highly important, especially if our lives are filled with so much activities and forces.

Any of the life component may need enough time and energy. It is important to determine what kind of activities that need to be prioritized. There are also activities that require higher degree of resources. Bad prioritization could lead the resources wastage and it is possible that we would get lost in the crowd. Things can be quite difficult if students are paid minimum wage and they need to cover for college expenses. Also, some bosses could uncompromisingly ask students to work overtime and this could cause them to miss classes. The situation could get worse and students may need to choose between college or work. Students should be able to negotiate with their bosses on how to avoid working overtime due to their educational responsibility. Proper organization and prioritization can lead to another skill called critical thinking.

Critical thinking is an important behavior that can happen if we have proper organization and prioritization. People who need to withstand the pressure of life may not be able to think critically. School politics and peer pressure are enough to prevent students from thinking critically. Students should also try to avoid wasting resources and take ineffective actions. Inefficiency will result in poor situation for thinking process. With critical thinking, we should be able to avoid any kind of pitfall and trap. In general, we should be able to find enough room to make improvements.

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