Why Special Children Need Special Treatment and How Technology Can Help In It?

The benefits of technology are enormous. The spectrum of technology is so wide that every individual and every aspect of the human life is benefiting from its usage. The potential enclosed in technology is bound to facilitate every individual in an innovative way, the prime reason why it is being integrated with the treatment pertaining to the special children needs. The question that arises here is why children with special need require the special treatment and not the general help which is provided to every single normal child as it is often heard that every child is special.

  • Why special children need special treatment?

The technology is no less a fortune for them and over a decade tremendous progress has been witnessed in terms of the treatment. The special children term is used for individuals who are facing certain problems, which may be emotional, social, medical, or learning. The most common problem associated with the special need children includes their speaking disability, visual disorder, communication disability, hearing disability and more. These challenges can be hard on the families who may mourn or use the lost potential of their child as their strength.

  • How can technology help in special children need special treatment?

Various technologies have already been adopted to assist the special children to overcome the constraints in their daily life. The devices that technology has provided which have already been adopted and implemented in the use of the treatment for the special children are called assistive technology. The technology can overcome the barriers in the treatment which the individuals cannot such as in the discipline concerning the special children education, the audiobooks have been introduced for the students to overcome their visual disability, similarly, a unique type of transmitters have been adopted for overcoming the special child hearing impairment.

The technology can be beneficial in the special treatment because of the following reasons:

  • Technology assists in making the child self-independent and takes some share of dependency it has. This way a special child is provided with a normalized life.
  • The teachers and parents are adopting the technology in nurturing the special need children. They are now nourished on the capabilities to use the laptops, and various other devices on their own, which is increasing their motivation level and keeps them engaged. This understanding of things with technology has assisted the caretaker, parents, and teachers to track the progress and to further individualize the instructions.
  • The invention of notability, a special device for the special needs child, has been extremely beneficial for the kids in terms of their learning and retaining capability. A device assists in overcoming the difficulties such as low memory retention, slow processing speed, and more. It displays as well as provides an audio for kid’s enhancement of learning activities.
  • Similarly, the various ubiquitous devices that technology has provided us with a flexible and portable. These devices are easily accepted by the special needs student because of their small size and the accessible layout, making it coordinate with the students easily. This way the challenges which the child faces can be studies better.
  • The technology is also beneficial as these students usually lose their attention and cannot retain it for a long time, however, with the advent of technology and constant illustration of visual appeal provided engages their attention level for a long time.

These are some of the ways that special child can benefit from the use of the technology, in its treatment.


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