Why Is There A Need To Learn Scala Programming

Among all the fields, that are under continuous expansion, IT is a big name. In the IT segment, new languages, frameworks and other supports are coming every alternate day. Hence, IT professionals are also busy in adopting themselves with the changes and upgrades. Scala is an important part of such learning. However, the professionals state one thing that listens very much confusing for you – Learn Scala for Spark. Spark is a different aspect and Scala is different – why then the professionals give stress on Scala, whenever learning Spark is preferred. The Apache Spark And Scala Online Training In Seattle will make everything clear to you. Here are some of the guidelines that will give you an outline of the entire thing.

Why Is There A Need To Learn Scala Programming

Basic Coding

The basic coding of Spark is in Scala. So, if you are looking to go deep into the source of the spark, knowing scala becomes essential. Scala, on the other hand, is quite similar to Java. For this reason, Java knowing personnel often go through the Scala classes and learn the coding quite fast and easily. On a different note, spark is a preferred mode for those, who are working on Big data.

Turning of mode

Most of the big data analysts, still now, relied on R or Python. However, both of them are different from all other programs. Hence the users will have to go through the sources separately, which takes time too. However, Spark is faster and is related to Java even. It is, in fact the biggest replacement for R and python. Spark is written with Scala. Hence the preference of the developers are turning now towards the Scala language, much more than it happened a few years ago.


Preference of the big firms govern almost the entire IT profession. It is fact that the IT world is at the other side of the world and rest of the world on the different side. Companies demanding and asking from the programmers has little knowledge about the languages, frameworks and other things. They will place their demand and it is the sole decision of the IT firm about the choice of coding to be used for that development. IT companies are changing their preference from R or Python to Scala – this is the trend of the last two years. Hence, go through the Apache Spark And Scala Onlline Classes and develop yourself.


This is the core reason of the IT world’s preference for Scala. Scala is similar to Java, but it has speed that is much more than Java or any other programming languages. A single line code of Scala is capable to replace 20 to 25 lines of a Java coding. Hence, the speed of the program can be easily understood. Considering this efficiency and speed of the language, IT firms are showing their preference for Scala.

The above few things clearly state how Scala is becoming much more important than any other language or coding. Now your job will be go through the classes fast and make yourself ready for bright career ahead of you.

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