Get The Excited Travel To Bintan With Ferry

Travelling over the cruise is really an enjoyable activity to give the wonderful relaxing vacation. In fact, a smooth and peaceful sailing ship on a beautiful ocean brings you the feeling of sparkle and exhilaration. There are various cruise lines available in the world and they are so beneficial to make your trip to be so enjoyable. In that way, if you are looking to travel in the ferry from singapore to bintan, then there are various cruise lines available to choose. Let’s see how to make your ferry travel to be so fantastic and so enjoyable.

Amazing destinations that you can enjoy in Bintan

Bintan is basically an excellent island which is comprised of fantastic beaches and the natural wonders to enjoy. They definitely make your trip to be so enduring with the adorable beaches and amazing destinations. Of course, this island also acquires the historical consequence that dates way back to the 16th century.

When it comes to the attractive destinations, you can visit the number of exciting places and they are listed as follows.

  • Banyan tree temple – As the name implies, the banyan tree temple can be easily recognized by the gigantic banyan tree in the structure of the temple. Over the years, this is since become the sacred temple for the devotees from Thailand.
  • Bintan Elephant Park – This is the home for the elephants of Sumatran category which are taught to do all kinds of pleasant tricks. Of course, the Bintan Park of elephant is also offering the visitors to get the exciting interactive escapade with these calm beasts.
  • Masjid Raya Sultan temple – This is normally a cool looking mosque and it was built into the impressive spiritual gravestone by the public of Bintan by themselves. In fact, this was constructed using the raw materials which are donated by the locals of neighboring islands.
  • PasarOlehOleh – This is the huddle of the confined style that comprises of selling all kinds of the gift items and the mementos. Added to these things, the local delicates like kerupuk and dried fish also available to get enjoyed with the cuisines.
  • Raja Haji Fisabillah monument – In this monument, you can see 28 meters tall of statue was erected for the memory of Raja Fisabillah, who was a Malaccan ruler and died in the battle against the Dutch Colonialists.
  • Santa Maria cave – This cave was built in century of 8th by the Dutch priest. In fact, this wonderful cave is the well maintained and well preserved place of the worship that along with the glorious Mary statue.

Apart from these kinds of the destinations, there are too many places available to enjoy your travel to Bintan. Especially, when you make your travel using the ferry from singapore to bintan, your trek will be definitely amazing to attain the fresh experience in the sea. Of course, it is now possible to make your cruise travel booking simply through online. Therefore, you can contact the internet to get additional details about booking your ferry tickets.

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