Why Fiat Is The Car Manufacturer For City Dwellers

For me, there’s no better car manufacturer for people who live in the city than Fiat. They get every important factor right, and here’s how.

They’re Efficient

A city car needs to be efficient with its fuel. This is especially true if you’re used to waiting in traffic jams because our cars can use a lot of fuel when we’re static and the engine’s running. This is a complete waste of fuel, so you want your car to be as fuel efficient as possible.

Fiat has a long history of making fuel efficient cars, and today that’s truer than ever before. For example, the Fiat Panda’s TwinAir petrol model does 67 miles per gallon and has very low CO2 emissions. They’re so low, in fact, that you won’t even have to pay any road tax at all.

Why Fiat Is The Car Manufacturer For City Dwellers

They Look Great

Over the last decade, Fiat have had a complete rethink of their car designs. And now they’re looking better than they have since the 50s or 60s. And that’s no coincidence. It’s quite clear that Fiat have decided to go back to the future with the designs of their cars, taking inspiration from the classic Fiat models.

It’s not just an exercise in empty nostalgia though; the new cars look genuinely great. They look fresh too, forward-looking rather than backwards. How a car looks is important when you live in the city, lots of people see your car, so you don’t want one that has a poor design or isn’t up to modern standards.

They’re the Perfect Size

Fiat make numerous small cars that are perfect for tight city streets. For me, the best is the new Fiat 500 though. It couldn’t be much small, but at the same time, it’s not so small that you feel cramped and restricted when you’re inside it. That’s not an easy balance to strike, but Fiat seem to manage it with ease.

The electric power steering of the Fiat 500 is a welcome bonus too, meaning you have full control of the vehicle no matter how much traffic there is around you. There’s even a city mode that you can switch the steering to. This goes to show how much Fiat focus on the needs of the city driver.

They’re Cheap

Whether you have the money to splash or not, it’s always better to find a cheap car that offer you the quality of a more expensive one. Fiat are great for this. Whether it’s the Panda, the 500 or the Punto, you can find them available at Thames Motor Group for very low prices, so get yourself a bargain.

There are options if you want to spend a bit more cash too though. You could go for the 500L, which is very similar to the 500 but larger and with a few more added features. It’s still relatively cheap for a car of its class and size though.

If these points have persuaded you that Fiat are the best car manufacturers for city drivers, then nothing will!

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