Why Athletes Should be Ethical?

Sports often mean a competition and this is something that drives athletes forward to achieve more. This could be a basic instinct derived from our old ancestors to win the competition, especially to gain food and territory. Since the early era of civilization, our ancestors won’t survive if they don’t compete. This is a basic instinct that we need to consider. Even the most timid people could become raging bulls. Athletes should take advantage of this God-given survival instinct, so they can gain more. A sports team should act like hunting parties and they should compete to gain things that are meaningful for them.

However, there’s one thing that athletes need to consider in the world of sports. It is ethics and without it, any sports can turn into a bloodbath. It is important for athletes to uphold fair play. Honestly, sports are often considered as a mild representation of conflict among people, but it is important for them to try achieving good things. Sports are played by people and people are prone in creating conflicts. Whether it be in a small rural town or a big national stadium, there are inherent desire to become champions, to be the best of the best. Sports are often associated with praise and achievements.

Why Athletes Should be Ethical

Successful athletes are often inundated with sponsors offering them equipments and other perks. As an individual, we relish being complimented and honoured. However, some would resort into doing something wrong or bad to obtain the status. Deep inside, we may know that it is not genuine and we may want to accomplish something of great value through real work. When we gain more success, awards could become much larger. We will gain fame, more opportunities to travel and obtain money. Athletes should consider when they see hairline cracks in integrity. We shouldn’t allow sports activities to be derailed by simple greed and the never-ending obsessions to become the best. Moral decay shouldn’t cause us to violate the pure values of sports.

Honored and cherished values of sports are sometimes shattered by illegal activities, such as the use of performance-enhancing drugs and other things. This could leave sports careers in shambles. In fact, we could see many strong evidences of cheating. We shouldn’t allow our sports career to get tarnished. Greed has affected our society like chronic disease with no signs of receding. It could destroy the lives of many people and athletes without a moral compass could be diverted out of the proper ways.

Many young athletes are too young to fully comprehend the evil doings committed by adult athletes. Bad practices may include spying on other team’s strategy or using performance enhancing drugs. As children are getting older and more knowledgeable, it is important for parents to guide them to ensure that fair play will always be performed. Parents and coaches should show children how to become champions in the world of sports without cheating and doing inappropriate things.

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