What Can We Expect From The All-new Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus has had its sights set on being the star of the show at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It may not be a concept car wowing us with outrageous looks and promises of an economy that will change the face of the rain forest forever, but it does signal the future for Ford. Being one of the world’s most popular mainstream manufacturers, it is important to know the direction the car maker is taking and what will more than likely form the basis of many of their flagship models.

The latest pictures and specs are out in advance and here’s what can be garnered about the new Focus:

Exterior Design

There are not too many shocks in the looks of the all-new Focus with it being adorned with the same Aston Martin-esque front grille of the Fiesta and the upcoming Mondeo. It’s joined by a more scultped bonnet and neat chrome styling touches that set it apart. At the back though there has been a sportier twist with a sleeker design that is highlighted by the slimmer and shapely brake lights.

What Can We Expect From The All-new Ford Focus?

Interior Refinements

Ford’s push towards more intuitive and infotainment-style technology inside the cabin continues in the Focus. There is a much cleaner and less-cluttered feel in line with this move to simplistic connectivity. From the pictures leaked it feels very black, which gives a more premium look; neat functional touches are included too with a central console with space for drinks and personal technology that doubles up as an arm rest.

New Engines

Ford has attained a huge reputation for its superbly economical EcoBoost engines that are remarkably efficient. The most exciting change will see the new Focus to be the first with a revamped 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol EcoBoost engine that comes with 148bhp and 178bhp versions. This and the other raft of engines are said to be more than give per cent cleaner than the current line-up.

Technology Advancements

It won’t surprise you to know that there is a host of new driver assists that come with the revised Focus; most of which revolve around safety. It will benefit from an adaptive cruise control system, blind-spot warning system, Active City Stop collision avoidance system and a Pre-Collision Assist system all geared towards responding if you as the driver miss something. There will also be an automatic parking system for hands-free parking in and driving out of parallel spaces or bays.

Prices are yet set in stone, so you’ll have to look out for new Ford offers in Kent and elsewhere to see how much you’ll have to pay from all these improvements.

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