Small Cars That Offer You More Bang For Your Buck

Despite a focus on practicality; the supermini market must always deliver highly enjoyable cars to drive each and every time. Functionality is king, but driving verve is just as high a priority. Many car maker’s struggle to balance this adequately, but the following makes and models do truly encompass the sprit in which the supermini class was bred for:

Ford Fiesta

Small Cars That Offer You More Bang For Your Buck

According to Remove My Car, the Ford Fiesta is the most scrapped car in the UK with over fifteen hundred crushed every year. This is no surprise with over four million sold guaranteeing that there are just so many on the road that they vastly outnumber any other model. The reason for the Fiesta’s popularity is its driving pizzazz that outshines cars that come with a hugely inflated price tag. Boasting crisp handling, responsive chassis and uniquely smooth, powerful and economical engines; the Fiesta ensures that you won’t find a supermini more fun to drive or cheaper to enjoy.


Small Cars That Offer You More Bang For Your Buck

An icon of British manufacturing, the now German owned car is as good as it gets to drive. It’s much bigger than the original, but the driving ability has not been lost during the reincarnation. BMW are renowned for their car’s dynamism and it is so refreshing to see them work its magic on a gem like the MINI range. Go-kart like agility keeps a smile permanently on your face as you scoot about town; with a gutsy engine and impressive economy to help add to the fun. The MINI has become the ultimate urban utility vehicle with space for the shopping and endless manoeuvrability to make light work of congested streets. It may look cute, but there is so much enjoyment and driving spirit alive and well in any MINI.

Audi A3

Small Cars That Offer You More Bang For Your Buck

Audi was the first of the premium German car brands to make a stab at the highly lucrative small car market. The A3 brings with its arrival a new era of small car luxury and the drive is just one aspect of the A3’S brilliance. The reason for its remarkable driving ability is that it delivers Audi’s famous Quattro four-wheel-drive in the larger of the engine options. You’ll want the added performance from the more gutsy engines to make the most of that grip that Audi has given you to play with. Combine this with refinement of materials inside and you will always be happy to jump in an A3 for a quick run about. And by finding used Audi’s here you won’t ever be paying over the odds for its drive and refinement.

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