What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer?

In most cases symptoms of kidney cancer are never detected in their earlier stage and found only after the tumour had progressed. This is because the patient has never exhibited any serious symptoms and dismisses it as merely an ordinary problem. However, the human body does bring out conditions and signs that are a little away from the ordinary and this is when the person must go to a doctor for a checkup. Yet people never treat their own illness seriously and this is perhaps why the cancer of the kidney is detected in the mid to advanced stage.

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

The symptoms cannot be easily felt from the outside and hence the doctors suggest to their patients to take blood tests, urine tests, MRI Scan, ultrasound scans and other medical trials with the tools the modern medicine has discovered.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer?

Early Symptoms

You must instantly visit your doctor if you think that there is something out of the way happening inside or outside the body although these may or may not be the symptoms of kidney cancer. Some people experience weight loss continuously or they may often have a high temperature of above 100 F. Some people experience night sweats and there may be the feeling of sickness in general. There may be swelling of the veins of the testicles and this occurs mainly in male persons. Experiencing anemia as well loss of appetite can be symptoms of this type of cancer. Besides, these in some persons they have high blood pressure too.

However, this may or may not be the actual symptoms of the cancer as similar signs have been noticed when a person has a stone in the kidney or stone in the bladder. Yet these signs are like a warning that you must right away see your doctor.

During the mid to advanced stage you are likely to experience discomfort and some sure critical signs that something is wrong with your health conditions. Blood in the urine is surely a problem although it can occur when there is a stone in the kidney too. Simple urine would be suggested by your doctor although in many cases the blood cannot be detected with naked eyes.

Your doctor would suggest treatment according to the type and stage of the cancer of the kidney. It is usually seen that this cancer is treated without chemotherapy and radiotherapy as most patients do not respond well to these treatments. You may get more details of the symptoms of kidney cancer from the Internet.

Removing the Tumour

The symptoms of kidney cancer once analyzed may result in surgically removing the same. In some case the whole kidney has to be removed. However, surgery is not possible if the patient’s history of health condition is not all right. Surgery is again not possible if the cancer has spread to all parts of the body. New techniques like burning away the tumour or freezing it has been suggested though it is not in vogue and hence detecting the symptoms of kidney cancer early is the best way.

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