What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Toll Free Number?

Like many other business services that you look at, there are much more advantage advantages to getting toll free numbers for your business than you might expect. Beyond just giving yourself a means to communicate with customers, you are giving yourself the potential for enhanced branding. When your marketing materials go out, toll free numbers also give you the helpful ability to track your marketing efforts and understand what works best. No less important, a good toll free provider includes some other helpful tools to ensure that your business can stay as competitive as possible.

Build Brand Recognition

One major advantage is the ability to build stronger brand recognition. When people see that toll free number on all of your marketing and advertising, it becomes part of your brand image. If you go the extra mile and get yourself a custom number, this effect is even more pronounced.

A custom toll free number is like a marketing and branding supercharger. In fact, research has shown custom numbers are up to 42% more effective than regular toll free numbers when used in advertising. This means that you could get nearly a 50% greater return on your investment if you use a custom toll free number instead of a simple 1 800 number. This is one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to enhance your marketing efforts of anything on the market today.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Toll Free Number?

Track Marketing Efforts with Toll Free Numbers

Another way that toll free numbers improve sales is by giving you the ability to better track your marketing efforts. Though some companies may only include simple statistics, an exceptional toll free provider will offer detailed metrics to help you track sales and marketing activity. This will help you better plan your future efforts to ensure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely.

Get the Tools You Need

Beyond simply offering the basic metrics, most toll free number providers also include a variety of helpful tools to ensure that your efforts will reach your target market with the highest level of success. Some of the tools you should look for include:

  • Number Blocks – Reserving blocks of numbers can be helpful if you are running concurrent campaigns with different target audiences, allowing you to track which one is most receptive.
  • Shared Numbers – If you have multiple offices throughout the country, you can have the same number while having the calls directed based on geographical location.
  • Unique Numbers – When you need multiple numbers, having unique numbers based on their purpose can be extremely helpful.
  • Custom Solutions – A company that is not willing to look at your individual business is not one that you want to work with.
  • Number History Search – Getting a history search of the number you are using can be helpful in knowing what you might expect.
  • Reverse Look Up – This is another handy tool that can help you to track customers more easily and get better measures of your marketing efforts.
  • And more.

Once you find a provider that offers this, you know you can get the toll free numbers you need to succeed.

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