What Are Steroid Hormones? What Are They Called?

People who are new to the world of steroids always want to know what the drugs are all about. No matter which drug you study about, you need to first understand steroids better. How to steroids work and how do they function in our body?

The endogenous steroid hormones are synthetic form of testosterone or other hormones like growth or insulin-like growth factor, and more. These hormones work in some cases and behave in a certain way to help you get benefitted from it. The hormone is divided in two categories and these are either sex steroid or corticosteroids. The anabolic steroids are the sex steroids derived from the male hormone of testosterone.

What Are Steroid Hormones What Are They Called

Our steroid hormones are naturally produced in our endocrine system. It produces in our adrenal cortex and influences on our sexual characteristics. Some names you should know and what they do are as follows:

  • Aldosterine or mineralocorticoid is known to control re-absorption of sodium and excretes potassium in urine.
  • Cortical or glucocorticoid is one more steroid that is responsible for maintaining carbohydrate stores in our body along with the regulation of sugar, fat and protein quantities in cellular structures.
  • The anabolic steroids are the synthetic variation of our male hormone testosterone and that is mentioned earlier. In some cases, the steroid can be stronger or weaker than the endogenous steroids, and depend on which the cellular receptors you attach or activate it with.

How do hormones function in our body?

The main functions of steroid hormones are for mediating certain functions, mechanism and action in our body. These functions would depend on the type of the drug that is specific steroid functions. Some of the steroid hormones can even leave an impact on the brain. People can have an influence on the cellular signaling activities and pathways along with regulation of responses to the external and internal stimuli.

There are studies related to steroidal behavior and pathologies have been explored. For instance, there is a common stress in steroid hormones, while the adrenal steroids include cortisol, DHEA and testosterone have been in study for their impact on our physiological and psychological functions and actions.

There are medical uses of steroid hormones and they are used for treating glandular malfunction and autoimmune conditions. Some of the common uses of the drug include:

  • Hypogonadism or low levels of testosterone along with malfunction and dysfunction, and that is a diminished functional ability and activity of the gonads.
  • The steroid treat conditions like arthritis and that includes rheumatoid arthritis
  • It promotes hormone replacement therapy
  • There is possibility of delayed puberty in men
  • Adrenal insufficiency

Some of the common names that you should known from the list of the steroid hormone are Oxandrolone, testosterone, Nandrolone, Anadrol, Anavar, Trenbolone, Dianabol, cortisone, prednisone, and more. The endogenous steroid hormones have many good and bad impact, and you have to know how to make the most of the good ones.

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