Wellington – Equestrian Capital Of Florida

Becoming the frontrunner in Wellington, a story of “real” property. written by: zachary0713 The most common features associated with Florida are sunshine, beaches and golf courses. There is one most special and unique area of the state, however, known for something even more alluring, Wellington-the equestrian capital of Florida. Known as one of the most concentrated areas of world class equestrian facilities and lavish horse farms, Wellington offers luxury estates which rival any in the world. Combining luxury homes with beautiful equine friendly pastures and state of the art stables, it is easy to see why Wellington remains as a sought after location for some of the most celebrated horse owners throughout the globe.

Real Estate vs. “Unreal Estates.”

The best part about Wellington is there are two real estate worlds which collide, or better stated, brush comfortably together. At one end of the spectrum there exists numerous multi-million dollar horse farms, adorned with spectacular features on grounds which are meticulously kept. With luxurious homes, which easily rival many of the top properties anywhere, combined with acreages to suit even the most royal standards of equine excellence, there are very few places in the world which approach its stateliness. At the other end of the spectrum, with the average home price just a shade over $300,000, a more modest property can offer views shared by neighbors who have invested more than ten times that price.

The Most Important Word is “Real.”

Real estate agents and brokers literally have to wear many hats when listing and showing properties in the Wellington area. Surprisingly, many of the horse farm potential buyers, tend to be more concerned with the equine accommodations than their own living quarters. When expecting upper-crust noses in the air, agents often stumble across well-grounded clients who differ only in the fact that they have invested more wealth in a handful of horses than most will earn in a lifetime. For the agent that means understanding what the horses are looking for in a property and being able to quote features from the listing as well as other respected horse owners in the vicinity. In order to relate to wealthy equestrian types it is much better to have “horse sense” than fashion prowess. Expressing genuine interest in the nature of their life’s passion will always make the difference. “Genuine” being the key word to remember, since the client has probably experienced permanent “bruising” from the hard-pressed lips, of many throughout the years, upon their posteriors.

Volume Still Holds the Retail Title:

According to one Wellingotn broker, Palmetto Park Realty, Treating the average client with the same respect and special attention as the multi-million dollar prospect is the key to being successful. Our nations leading bargain chains still rely on selling the best priced goods and services to the masses in order to maintain their titles atop the tower of retail giants. Real Estate agents are no different-it is the average shopper who pays the largest portion of the monthly bills. Opposite strategies may apply, treating the lower end clients with more status driven concern and not needing to be overly concerned with the aforementioned “bruising” often associated with the “whales.” Five fish weighing two pounds each will feed more people than a 6 pound “lunker” every time-words to live by.

Words to Write Down In the Day Planner:

There are many real estate agents showing the same properties to an almost identical set of clients. If one expects to be the same, that would indeed be following our instinct to survive. Safety is found from the shelter of those in close proximity, mostly near the “middle.” It takes a true daredevil to want to run far ahead of the others, both in the horse world and the property selling arena. In order to be the best, you must choose to be different.

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