Want To Stay Tanned? Date A Tennis Player, Want Support? Consider A Rugby Player

Shopping around for a new partner? Or are you sick of scouring through all the dating sites with none of the prospects meeting your needs? Perhaps it’s time to start looking in different places for your new significant other. For example, the tennis court or your local gym. Inspired by Date an Athlete (commissioned by Foxy Bingo), here are some of the top reasons we encourage you to date rugby players, weightlifters and tennis players.

Rugby Players

Unlike footballers, rugby players don’t particularly care if they’re well-groomed on the pitch. Nor do they seem to concern themselves with injuries – you won’t see them rolling around on the turf in agony very often. So they’re true hard men for those of you who like Alpha males. And if large and muscular is your thing, then you’re onto a winner. You see, rugby has changed a great deal in the past ten years. Players are now mobile mammoths who spend an inordinate amount of time in the gym bulking up – beer guts are a thing of the past. So perhaps it’s time become a rugby groupie. In order to fit in, you’ll have to invest in either a quilted Barbour or a wax jacket and cheer like mad on the sidelines. Form an orderly queue ladies (or gentlemen).


Say what you will about the sheer absurdity of tennis, the players have to be supremely fit. They also tend to have good fashion sense. Tennis is one of those activities requiring an eye for good, branded apparel, even during play – so one would think that this ‘taste for trendy’ carries over into real life. A professional player will also have to travel all over the world. And in the upper echelons of the sport, these destinations are going to be pretty impressive. Places like play host to tennis tournaments on a regular basis.


Weightlifters are great at moving and lifting heavy items – the clue is in the name. And if you’re one of those people who like to move house a lot, they can prove very helpful indeed. Or perhaps you’re not the gathering type and prefer others to do your shopping for you. Then look no further, your pet weightlifter will lend you a hand. They’re also on a constant quest to improve their physique so that they can fully maximise their body’s potential. This of course requires hard work and the right sort of diet. It’s a good bet, then, that they know how to cook. As a result, you may very well find yourself eating the ‘right’ foods. Therefore, dating a weightlifter has benefits on all kinds of different levels.

This concludes our brief treatise on the advantages of dating athletes. Hopefully you can forgive some of the outrageous generalisations we’ve sprinkled throughout both posts. However, it’s worth noting that there’s one common denominator shared by all of these athletes: They all display a remarkable and sustained level of commitment in their chosen sports which is of course a key ingredient for any successful relationship. So perhaps it’s time for you to leave Tinder behind and get active, or at the very least become a hands-on fan.

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