Never Forget: TOP 9 Gadgets To Explore Italy

Italy…Going to Catania, it is time to think, what gadgets are worth taking? You know, the experienced tourists say – Minimum luggage and maximum comfort. This is the main rule to follow. First of all, there is always some space in your bag to put buying. There are always things, gadgets that can help you in your journey. It is time to list them all.


Modern mobile phones are multi-functional. They accomplish their primary functionality that is needed for all tourists. This is a great opportunity to call for friends, contact to relatives or secure services. So, you should take your phone with you. It helps to kill time or save your life.

If your mobile apparatus is out of order, it is not e serious problem. It can be easily repaired by means of service centers before your trip. You can easily repair your phone in Catania. The main thing is asking for professional help. This is not a problem to find a good shop or service center online.

Wheelmap App iPhone

Waterproof Cases

Whenever you be, there is always water. It can be river, lake or sea. Everyone wants to take a cool picture of your diving journey or boating. The smartphone producers make a support to moisture prevention. Of course, your smartphone should not be watered. What are you going to do? You can always buy special camera – the minimum price of it is 350 $. There is another variant – protect your device by means of special case.

Sun Charging Case

The latest-years achievement is sun charger. It is really cool using sun energy for your needs. It is not a problem to buy sun swimming-suit, sun arm-chair or sun dress. Thus, the Solar Camera Strap, equipped with solar panels is predicted to prolong working hours of your camera.


Laptop or netbook, whatever…Of course, it is a big size luggage, comparing with smartphone. Nevertheless, having big plans to work during your vacation, it is better to take your laptop with you. You can use it in your hotel, plain or on the go. This is a nice chance to combine the useful with the pleasant. It is great if your device is equipped with keyboard lights. What is more, modern laptops help you to kill some time in the airport or taxi, on way to your hotel. The bigger part of laptop models are high productive, like, for example, HP ultra-books.

The next point is hotel. The hotels provide Wi-Fi services. You can use Internet easily: find a good restaurant, bar, or theater performance. Be the way, you can upload your photos on your laptop.

Girl Using Laptop in park

Digital Camera

Digital camera helps you to fix emotions and pleasant moments in your memory. Compact cameras are what you need. These are modern devices, equipped with all necessary components, taking your needs and demands into account. In short, modern camera is impressive combination of technical characteristics and additional functions to let you take high quality pictures.

Of course, the pictures of reflex camera are top quality, comparing with the rest of others compact cameras. If you want to take the best pictures in the world, you should buy reflex device. Remember that it usually takes more space in your bag. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than professional photos. One more thing, it is important to equip your technic with special bag, charger, memory card and other important accessories.

Photographic Tripod

Do you like photo hunting? If the goal of your trip to Catania is photo hunting, you need to buy photographic tripod, interchangeable objective, color-filters, reserve accumulator and everything that is needed for good pictures. By the way, there are few words about tripod. You can find compact models that take little space in your luggage. One of them is Gorillapod. It can be attached to different surfaces. The price is about 50 $.

Pocket Photoprinter

There is nothing better than pocket photoprinter. Of course, you may say that it is not a useful thing in the trip. Nevertheless, travelling by car and having enough space in your bag you should take this device with you. The most usable model is LG Pocket Photo PD233. It is small size. The printer can be used on different surfaces, printing photos of 7.6 х 5. You can print out your pictures from your smartphone or laptop. By the way, you can also use your tablet PC for this aim. Probably, you should also take it with you.


Tablet PC or E-book

Tablet PC is very useful gadget, especially if you like reading. Actually, you can also take your e-book. Do you have it? The modern models are high-functional, compact. Pay attention to such readers as PocketBook Mini 515, Enot StarBook E-Ink, AirBook City Light Touch or PocketBook Touch Lux. Sounds interesting! Nevertheless, tablet PC is more functional thing. Android or iOS, it does not matter. The tablet helps you to have fun during your trip. You can use it for music, books, films, games, internet and other things. Lenovo S6000 3G has addition al slot for SIM-card to be used as telephone.

It is very comfortable when your smartphone is almost dead or out of order. Using doc station for your tablet, you should also take it with you. What a good idea – try to upload the touristic guide on your tablet.


Planning to have car excursion, GPS-navigator is what you need. It is also an important thing for extreme tourism. Touristic navigators are independent, well-protected from breakages and watering.


What is your technic list? Of course, everyone knows what devices are important for one or another journey. It takes for a couple of minutes to make a list. The list depends on your journey specific.

Going to Catania, you do not need a long list of gadgets. Be short. Try to spend more time outdoors to take colorful pictures. The city is not very big. It is preferable to examine all city sights on foot. Planning long-distance excursions, it is better to hire a car in Catania. This is one more important device to take with you.


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