Understanding the Importance of Promotional Name Badges

Today’s marketing environment is perhaps the most exciting time in history. Not only do we have the classic tools of promoting business (print advertisements, billboards, banners, and leaflets), but we also have social media and online marketing. In this world of catchy copywriting, viral videos and bold headlines, what can an ordinary promotional badge achieve? Surprisingly, marketers still consider a promotional badge an important tool in their arsenal of promotional tools and this is why corporate marketing budgets have a scheduled a certain amount every year for creating new promotional badges with the latest aesthetics and printing them for new employees.

Below we try to understand what makes promotional name badges so important:


It is a one-time investment to have a batch of high quality, bright badges printed for your team. Unlike paying for time-bound name badgedeadlines for Facebook ads or updating your advertising contracts with newspapers, you do not need to update your badges.


A promotional name badge is a powerful tool to break the ice in a networking situation at a conference or other industry event. Psychologically, the act of repeatedly looking at the name badge (and seeing the company logo) is reaffirming perceptions in their mind.

Highly visible

You do not have to have boring, one colour promotional name badges. Today, laser technology, high quality printing, and interesting aesthetics can make your company’s name badge pop out. And when others see the promotional name tag, they are also seeing the company logo, the company tagline and then subconsciously associating the good behaviour of employees with the company. In simple terms, a name badge facilitates making employees the brand mascots of the company.


Promotional name badges also add a touch of extra professionalism to a workplace dress code. It shows customers and outsiders that employees are proud of their company, its values and its identity.

Without taking out the cost of an advertising campaign from your marketing budget, your company is generating free branding. All for the simple price of a promotional name badge. Now imagine this multiplied a hundred times – this is what happens when all your employees wear their badges to industry like conferences, summits and other networking opportunities.

Great for internal promotion

To address retention and employee boredom, companies across the world are instituting a variety of employee engagement programs. These require a variety of marketing collateral, including promotional name badges. For example, you might have seen fast-food franchise employees sporting glittering stars and other symbols on their name badges.

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