How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Used Car

It is no secret that there are a limited number of places where a car dealer can source the vehicles that they sell to their customers. To state the obvious, a car dealer, either thrives or struggles.

If you have viewed many of their competition in the Charlotte market, then you will no doubt be aware that they have exceptionally nice vehicles, priced very competitively. To be honest, there are only a select few places that used car dealers can actually purchase vehicles from and it can be a highly competitive process as many dealers are often interested in the same vehicle.

At Ride Now Motors they have developed very strict guidelines that they apply to each and every vehicle that will appear on their car lot. Due to their business model they are not hell bent on trying to pick up vehicles that can be made to look good to turn an additional profit; they are seeking the vehicles that don’t need to be made to look good, as they are good to start off with.

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Used Car

Every vehicle that they present to their customers has been extensively inspected by their fully trained mechanics with 90 separate checks performed. Any issues are addressed immediately and once up to their standards, the vehicle is sent off to their professionally valets before being delivered to one of their dealerships.

Many of the vehicles in their inventory are still under the manufacturers warranty and they offer a number of options to extend the warranty for many years to come. Due to the age and mileages of the cars they sell, these are generally very competitively priced and can offer great peace of mind looking forward.

It seems like common sense to buy vehicles that people can have confidence in, at least, is seems like common sense to us. Apart from your home, your car is often the second largest purchase that you make and they want to help their customers into vehicles that they can be proud of, long term.

They don’t cut corners, they don’t take shortcuts. They sell quality vehicles (Check out their reviews on any of the websites to see what their customers are saying: Used Vehicles) that have been fully inspected, at a very reasonable price. So, the burning question is how can they exceed the standards of their competition and still beat them on price? They have analyzed their buying practices and eliminated vehicles that they know to have reliability issues. The old saying of buy cheap, pay dear is something that rings true with us at Ride Now Motors. Next they are checking every important aspect of the vehicle prior to

They listen to their customers and sales people to determine which types of vehicles they keep in stock. As a result, their inventory is constantly changing, with fewer inventory pieces staying in stock for long periods of time.

How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Used Car

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