Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

There is a lot to learn about logo design and whether you are a designer by trade a marketer or a business owner looking to purchase their first logo design. It is worth doing your research. Never settle for a logo design, always do your research on your target market and the type of customer you are appealing to. Look at your competitors, never copy them, but have a think about the things that they do which you like.

Keep it Simple

First things first, some of the best logos are rather simple. Some businesses are not suited to fancy hand drawn logos, some prefer to keep it minimalistic.   Always remember that simple but powerful logos rule the corporate, business world and always have. If you want to create a logo which will stand the test of time, get rid of all of the added extras.

Let’s consider some of the world’s most iconic logo designs to date. First of all, the Apple Logo. Over the years it has become even more simple, some may argue that the silhouette of an apple is nothing special or memorable, however, it is that missing bite out of it which takes this logo design to the top. This is just a simple detail, but it ads so much more. This addition isn’t huge however, it gives the logo character and makes it unique! There is also meaning behind it, computers and bytes, get it?

If you are in the early stages of logo design, make sure you are thinking about these small details which mean a lot. Sometimes it is best to start off small and then make it big. Consider how your business can go the extra mile.

Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

Know What it Means

So you know a bit about the Apple logo and every good logo has a story, does yours? Logos with meaning are extremely attractive, whether they have a meaning that is either obvious and hidden.

Some of the world’s best logos display their stories. You may not see it right away, however, the FedEx logo has an arrow which indicates moving forward and making deliveries, this is very smart and looks extremely sleek within the design.

Don’t just throw details in there for the sake of it. Someone may ask you the meaning behind it and the purpose of it, make sure that you have an answer, all good logo designers do. Repeat Logo say that “having to design a logo can be a long and frustrating process. From the initial brainstorming session right up until the final perfecting touches. When it comes to designing a creative logo it is sometimes better to trust the experts”.

Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

Business Logos & Negative Space

We touched on negative space when discussing the FedEx logo and its hidden arrow. If you have a look closely you will notice the arrow, it is so hidden that the majority of U.S. citizens see the FedEx logo daily or weekly for years, yet they have never noticed this small detail, which changes the logo completely.

Another example is the WWF logo which features a panda. This is one of the most recognised logos in the world and it is a negative space design. Get creative and try out some negative space designs of your own! You could be on to a winner.

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