TOP 7 State Grants To Get Free Education In Canada, USA and Australia

If you want to be a student in Canada, there are two main steps: enter the university and get visa. You should be well prepared. First of all, you should pick the right college or university. Canadian universities have their specific features. As a rule, there are no entrance exams in Canada. The most important factors to enter are your marks in the diploma. English language test is also important – TOEFL or IELTS. Every university has their own pass mark: it must be about 80 balls for TOEFL and 6.0 balls for IELTS.

Sometimes, there is a list of additional demands: interview, recommendations, motivation essay, portfolio with your works samples. The entrance exams are helpful for competitive specialties only. Everything depends on the specialty you chose. You may be asked to represent your scientific works, publications, recommendations or work experience.

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Working Students

Canadian students work no more than 20 hours a week during the period they are studying. The students don’t need to have the work permit. What is more, you can see Canada under 25 car rental locations at every step here. You can drive a car to travel over the country being a student. What a big luck!

Price for Education

The price for education in the Canadian universities depends on many factors. For example, the price in the Canadian provinces is much lower that you have to pay in Toronto or Vancouver. The price also depends on the university status and grade. In general, the year price for college must be about 10-13 000 dollars and 15-20 000 dollars for the universities. If the educational program is full, it includes the year of probation. You have to pay a couple of hundred dollars per year to pick up the company and get a salary for the period of practice.

Perspective to Work

The country is one of the most favorable platforms to stay and work after graduation. You have an opportunity to stay and leave there legally. Every Canadian college gathers statistics to slot graduates into job. The index is about 85%. The salary for graduated can be about 35-40 000 dollars per year. This sum can be doubled in two years. As far as Canada needs the competent workers, the local government makes the most favorable conditions for graduates to get enough experience and stay in the country for longer term.

That’s great but you don’t need a job invitation. You can try yourself at any work sphere by profession. If you want to get the citizenship, you have to study there for 2 years and 2 years to work. Finally, getting education in Canada is very attractive perspective for youth because of work, practice and salary that you are offered to get after the graduation.

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As a rule, Canadian colleges and universities give the financial support to all foreign students. The support can have different forms. Traditionally, this is the single prize for your educational achievements, sport achievements or active out-of-class activity. The chance to get financial support for the students of master course and doctoral program is higher than for the bachelor’s program. You should also consider the program complexity. If you are a good student, you must have good marks and recommendations. As a rule, the grant that you can get covers only a part of the educational expenses.

If you are still dreaming about the Canadian, Australian or American diploma, pay attention to the fact that these three countries always give their financial support to the foreign students. It can happen that the grant you get is able to cover all your educational expenses. What a lucky moment! There are special grants for the young scientists, bachelors and doctors.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Those students who want to get their master’s degree in the sphere of social, natural, liberal sciences, medicine and engineering can have a grant. The program is the following: you enter the university that is in the partnership with the grant program, you are nominated to get the grant. The terms to send an application are November, 6. The grant winners get about 50 000 dollars for education for 3 years.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

The government grant is 70 000 EUR per year (for 2 years). It is available for students from the spheres of inventions, medicine, natural and literal sciences. You should send the application in term from the June, 1 till September.

Trudeau Foundation

This grant is usually accepted as award for the scientific activity in Canada. You should send the application till the middle of December every year.


Fullbright Program

There 7 grants for the foreign students. The program is available for bachelor’s degree and higher. As a rule, you should send the application from May. It lasts till October. The financial support covers not only educational expenses, but transport and accommodation.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

This is the training program for your specialists. You have to send the application gradually, according to the university rules. The terms are changeable. Just follow their website.

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Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

The every year grants are available for the foreign students for long or short term every year. Thus, you can get a grant for 4-6 months, or for 4 years+practice. You should send application in April. Then, you have a possibility to learn the rest of information about the grant you will get.

Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

The program offers to get financial support for the education for every foreign student in Australia. It covers the expenses for education, accommodation, insurance. You should send the application in the period from June till October.

The list of grants that you’ve just read includes only state grants and grants for foreigners. Of course, there is a competition to get a grant. Nevertheless, you have always a chance to get the state financial support. It’s very honorable. If you know some other additional opportunities to get financial support for the education in Canada or USA, share in comments.

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