Top 7 Reasons To Choose LG G4 In 2015

The Korean mobile phone manufacturer LG is now getting a good grip on smartphone market. In the recent years smartphone market is emerging very rapidly. Many big companies like Lenovo and Asus also released their smartphones to get some profit from it.  To get some good business in such a tough competition LG is also launching its smartphones back to back. G series of LG is quite famous in the market. LG released this series to launch some good high end smartphones in decent range. This Korean company launched its LG G2 in May and just after 3 months it’s another smartphone LG G3 came into market in August.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose LG G4 In 2015

LG G4 is the next high end smartphone of this series. And it is expected that this phone will release in the month of May 2015. As G series is the high end smartphones series by LG. So this mobile phone will compete with top high price smartphones fewer than 45k. So today I will give you the top 7 reasons that this phone will be your first choice under 45k budget.3

  • LG G3 came into market with the screen size of 5.5 inch. So it is expected that this phone will launch with the screen of 5.7 inch. This series is already in the category of phablets. By upgrading its screen size it will look more stylish phablet.
  • It is expected that G4 will come with sapphire screen display. And it will be QHD display too (4 time 720p). It is also rumoured that the bezel of around the display will also be reduced. So it will look like a clear piece of glass.
  • It is almost confirmed that this phone will come in market with 64 bit octa core Snapdragon 801 processor by Qualcomm and it will run on 4GB Ram. With such a good hardware it can smoothly work for multi-tasking and gaming too.
  • As this phone will be launch in 2015, so it will be powered by Android Lollipop operating system. This will give the new look in the interface too.
  • G3 comes with 13 MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front camera. Both cameras are capable of recording HD videos. At least 15MP camera is expected from this new phablet by LG. And there are chances of 5 MP front camera too.
  • LG G4 will come with better battery performance. As its screen will upgrade, so there is a need to work on good battery backup. It is possible that LG will upgrade battery in this phablet. Or they may also introduce an inbuilt app for this smartphone.
  • Price of the LG G4 will match its specification. As LG G3 comes with the price tag of 40k, so it is expected that this phone will come under 45k budget.

LG G4 is one of the most anticipated phablet of 2015. On looking at the specifications of this smartphone it is expected that it will grab a lot of sales during its launch. As this product is coming under the price of 45k so it will also give tough competition to the smartphones of other brands like Samsung and Sony.

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