Top 3 Makers Of Boxing Gloves

Boxing has now been transformed into an art by the introduction of so very beautiful and solidly built boxing gloves. The brands that are involved in the manufacturing of these pretty gloves are encouraged to do even more for the world of boxing when they see people are interested in buying their favorite brand. I am more interested in telling you guys about a few companies that have aced my list of top boxing gloves makers. These companies have dedicated their entire efforts for the development of supreme products in order to develop a sense of achievement from the buyer’s perspective.

The top 3 vendors of these boxing gloves are as follows:


The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves is the top pick. Because they conform to the natural shape of the hands and fit perfectly if they are the right size. They are extremely comfortable and they help master the art of boxing by promoting the proper punching technique. They are made of two layers of impenetrable foam so they provide complete safety to the knuckles and the wrists.


Title World Gel World Bag Gloves have a gel enforced lining that is a special feature of these gloves. Users are provided with a great shock absorbing power when they put on these gloves and also offer great impact resistance. The outer surface of these gloves is complete leather and the inner compartment is airy and there is a lot of breathable space. The hook and loop closure provides a confident fit.


TurnerMAX Boxing Gloves (Genuine Cowhide Leather gloves): TurnerMAX boxing gloves are available in black and red color to be chosen by the people with taste and class and these specific coolers are visible to the eye inside the ring. They are famous among both the adults and the juniors and almost everyone likes them from the core of their heart. The quality is top-notch and note-worthy.  They are ideal for boxing, kick boxing, sparring and can be used on the heavy punch bags as well. They are available from the size of 8 oz to 16 oz to cater to the needs of both men and women.

TurnerMAX PU Mexican Gloves: These are available in blue and white colour with TurnerMAX insignia beautifully imprinted on them. Again the hand feels comfortable inside the gloves and there is enough air passing for the hand to breathe therefore it doesn’t get sweaty even after hours of practice. Even the female fighters can also take full advantage of these gloves and wear them in their training sessions and even ask their kids to put on a smaller sized PU Mexican gloves. The kids would love to box out the extra levels of stress caused by vigorous studies. For sparring the best size is 16 Oz and you shouldn’t forget that. These gloves are made up of synthetic leather.

TurnerMAX Training and Sparring Gloves: This particular breed of boxing gloves is made up of Faux leather and are designed to be fitted comfortably around your hand. They come in different sizes ranging from 6 oz to 12 oz. They are available in several attractive colour even for the ladies as well. The colours that are usually associated to the ladies are shocking pink, light pink etc. have been made by Turner Sports UK and it proudly presents these gloves so ladies could stand shoulder to shoulder with the men as the ladies of the 21st century are tough and resilient and are not in any way lesser than men.

Turner Sports UK knows what to make and how to make it because it has already been in this industry for a few years now. The stuff that they are selling is pure leather as well as synthetic leather. Not even the men but the kids and the women of this technological age love TurnerMAX as their go-to brand when you talk about boxing. 

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