Stay Fit And Build Muscles With Burpee Exercise

With the increase in number of people getting conscious about losing body fat and improving their body shape, the gym is the biggest hit in the era. But most of them do not have lots of cash to spend in the gym. Some of them cannot afford the time because of their hectic and busy schedule. So is that you will give the hope of losing weight and keeping yourself fit? No! There is an incredible plan that will work out for you. The Burpee Exercise does all for you. If you are ignorant about how to perform a Burpee exercise, this article will certainly enlighten you with all the details about the workout program. Burpee involves a full body workout program that is meant to strengthen the body parts and involves a lot of aerobics exercises as well. Some of the tough exercises like squatting are also included under this category of exercise.

What Are The Advantages Of Burpee?

Burpee is the ultimate body exercise that involves whole body workout. This is used widely by the people who are into military. Apart from them, top athletes also adapt to this program to their daily training. This improves strength, coordination, agility and conditioning of the body. The whole body is involved in the exercise. While you workout, the arms, chest, legs and ABS get strengthened as they are worked out hard. The explosive jumps, push up and the weights really completes the workout process. The intensity exercises are the best for losing body weight as they boost the metabolism and improves the blood circulation in the body. They have a greater “after-burn” effect for a longer period of time that helps to burn extra calories. If you are one, struggling hard to lose weight, this is the best exercise plan for you. Apart from all this, Burpee exercises improve the endurance and are good for body conditioning. If you can do more than 25 Burpee per days, it can see the results in just 25 days. All that you need is determination and floor to carry out the exercise.

How To Carry Out Burpee Exercise?

As most people get stuck and think how to perform a Burpee exercise, this is for your understanding that there are a lot of variations available for Burpee exercise. This will throw some light to help you get started with this. You can always begin with the squats. In this you keep your hand close to your body. You need to kick back the feet and end up in the position of push up where the arms are fully extended. If you are not ready for this position, you can place one foot in the back in time till you are in the push up position in the upright direction. After this, you can continue the same thing by bringing the feet to the squat position and jump in the air. This is called an explosive jump. You need to continue this for 15-20 repetition in every 30 seconds. You can keep a good pace and ensure you get the right intensity. You also include the weight lifts to improve the muscle strength.

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