Things You Need To Know About The Trains Between Chandigarh & Delhi

If you live in the ‘City Beautiful’ Chandigarh or you are in the city for some reason; that is great. Here, if you are thinking about travelling to Delhi from this city, and you want to be there as soon as possible, then you can take trains. Of course, there are some amazing trains out there that can be taken for comfortable, quick and timely arrival.

Well, both of these cities are situated at a distance of two hundred and sixty six kilometres. Travelling from one spot to the other is easy because of this efficient rail connectivity. There are plenty of trains that run between these two cities. On a regular basis, six trains run between Chandigarh and Delhi. Talking about the weekly basis, the count jumps up to nine. The good part is that there are options to easily know about Irctc train running status. Whether a train is running  late or has been cancelled because of weather reasons; everything you can know through these facilities. Before you get into the trains and their timings; it is important for you to know that Chandigarh having station code CDG is the only station currently present in Chandigarh. Talking about Delhi, different stations in Delhi are like New Delhi (NDLS) and Adarsh NCR Delhi (ANDI)…

You know the foremost train that leaves Chandigarh and carries you to Delhi is 12312 Kalka Mail.  The train departs from Chandigarh at 01:10 AM, and it reaches Delhi at 05:38 AM. Similarly, the last train that departs from Chandigarh for Delhi is 22456 Kalka Snsi Superfast Express. It departs at 19:40 PM and reaches the destination at 23:30 PM. It might interest you that 13008 U a Toofan Express is the fastest train that takes you from Chandigarh to Delhi. The train takes 1h 20m and leaves Chandigarh at 05:10. The maximum duration of six hours and two minutes is taken by Chandigarh Delhi Express 04032. It leaves from Chandigarh at 14:15. Out of all these trains that shuttle between Chandigarh and Delhi, seven of them originate from Chandigarh whereas the rest eight pass from Chandigarh.

Talking about the trains that start from Chandigarh, these are like Chandigarh New Delhi Shatabdi, Goa Sampark K Express and Chandigarh Indore Junction BG Express.  Apart from this, the trains like U a Toofan Express, Kalka Shatabdi and Kalka Shatabdi, pass through Chandigarh to reach Delhi. Similarly, when you talk about the weekly trains from Chandigarh to Delhi, there are sixty-six weekly trains out there. The first train that leaves from Chandigarh to Delhi at 01:10 AM is Kalka Mail (12312). It is followed by Goa Sampark K Express (12450) that leaves at 01:30 AM.

Thus, it is needless to say that trains have made the distance between Chandigarh and Delhi merely nothing. You can go and return within a day that too plenty of time on your plate.  After all, why to spend so much on planes when rails are there to take care of your travelling that too within your budget and in a comfortable manner!

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