Things You Need To Do Before Rebuilding A Classic Truck

Many car enthusiasts dream of finding a classic truck and fixing it up like new again. While it can be a fun and rewarding project, there are a number of things to consider when rebuilding a classic truck. Where to purchase the truck, the direction you want to go with the remodel, choosing the right paint, and making sure you get quality parts are all vital to make sure your remodel goes according to to plans.

Where to Purchase

If you’re driving down the road and you spot your dream truck resting in an open field, think before you jump in and buy. How long has the truck been sitting in that field untouched? Is the frame rotted from years of weathering and neglect? There’s a good possibility something could be living inside that pickup truck. Look for junkyards or dealerships with a wide variety of used trucks in need of remodeling. Certain junkyards or dealerships have covered areas and are maintained well enough to keep varmints from ruining the interior beyond repair. It might also be a good idea to consider buying the truck from an individual. Some people have old cars and trucks they never got around to fixing up in their garages. Theses can be a good bargain because they won’t have as much wear and tear as trucks in junk yards.

Things You Need To Do Before Rebuilding A Classic Truck

Choose a “DIRECTION”

You can decide to keep everything in your classic truck original, which is always suggested, or you can opt to modernize certain things like the radio, steering, and window power options for example. Modernizing the interior may add convenience while driving, but it will definitely de-value the truck once it is rebuilt. If you want your truck to look pristine and new, you may have to go for some new parts though. You can choose a favorite photo of a classic truck or go to a local classic car show for inspiration.

Choosing the Paint

Choosing the correct type of paint goes right along with choosing the direction you want to go with a remodel. Sometimes, the exterior color of the truck you purchase could be the third, fourth, or even fifth coat of paint. In order to find the original paint color, you may need to look at the serial number stamped on the inside of the driver’s side door frame. Remember, the same brand and color of paint probably isn’t available anymore so you may need to do some color mixing or color matching.

Getting Quality Parts

There are countless numbers of auto parts manufacturers and distributors who supply parts for classic trucks. But not all distributors are made the same. Some of these places sell refurbished parts like carburetors that are no longer used in new trucks. You may be able to scour classic junk yards for working parts. Other companies like 99 Truck Parts in Surrey make new truck parts so these are the types of places you should check first.

If you want to re-build a classic truck, you need to be committed to your new hobby. Finishing a classic truck can be a great feeling, but it won’t happen over night. Re-doing any classic car takes time and money. Allowing months to go by can cause trouble and slow down the rebuild until the truck is left sitting in your own yard, unfinished. If you commit yourself to the journey, you are sure to enjoy your time spend fixing up the car and your time spend driving it!

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