The Top 5 New Automotive Technologies Of 2014

The rate at which technology is impacting the automotive industry is accelerating. Car specifications are changing depending on individual taste and safety standards. Technology has ensured the driving experience is no longer boring, giving the car owners a reason to be happy when travelling. On a day to day basis, new technology is developed with the aim of giving the drivers a chance to appreciate such developments. Technology in cars may be in form of software controls and electronics, materials, powertrain among others. This article analyses the top five technologies of 2014.

Lane Departure Warning

This has been hailed as the year’s most popular technology. Importantly, the technology alerts the driver in event he crosses a line before signalling. This is crucial in addressing drowsiness while driving and preventing road accidents.

The Top 5 New Automotive Technologies Of 2014

Traffic Signs Recognition

This is a new technology that is already being used in Europe. However, it is yet to be used in other parts of the world. It is mostly used in high-end cars such as the Mercedes Benz and the Audi. The technology works in such a way that the front cameras help the driver identify the road signs. This technology is combined with the navigation system data to ensure that the car replicates the speed limit. Drivers need not to look outside to understand what the traffic condition is. This is a very useful technology.

Semi-autonomous Driving

This technology is common in Mercedes-Benz’s E-class cars. It works in such a manner that at low speeds, it can take control. This means that drivers can get some time to do other activities such as making a call or reading a newspaper when the car is in motion. However, it is better to note that the technology should only be used in heavy traffic or on roads that are curvy. Apart from this, the technology automatically corrects the driving course in case the driver crosses line inadvertently. This is crucial in avoiding road accidents. When there is need, the technology can completely stop the car.

The Top 5 New Automotive Technologies Of 2014

Hot-stone Massage

This technology is widely used by Mercedes Benz in the new 2014 S-Class cars. One limitation about this model is that it does not incorporate new enough features. To compensate this, Mercedes developed the exclusive massage bucket seats. This is achieved by incorporating tiny air bags that deflate and inflate, the effect of which is to stimulate the backside of the occupant in a traditional fashion. One advantage with this technology is that one does not need to visit a massage parlour. Comfort is availed to the driver and the occupants as long as the vehicle is on.

Intelligent Braking

This technology is also referred to as lazy braking. It is common in Acura’s new RLX sedan. The availability of the brake hold’ button ensures that the brakes are automatically pressed when there is need. It is usually used by drivers waiting for passengers to cross the road. The above technologies play a crucial role ensuring that driving is not boring. Some of them directly play a role in preventing road accidents. However, in order to further reduce accidents, it is important for drivers to pass the dsa theory test before driving in public.

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