The Step Wise Guide To Shape Yourself

Body building is a complex process that involves a lot of forethought and well planned training session. When you are aiming at the best body shape, it is simple and in just 6 weeks you can see tremendous improvement. So what is it that you should start with?


All that you need to start is high intensity interval training. In this session you should perform Cardio early in the morning and before eating. If you have to do the lifts it is important that you finish with the cardio first. Cardio will enable you to burn the excess fat that can come in the way of building the muscles in the later stages. Cardio can cause muscle loss which has to be compensated with weight lifting.

In The First 2 Weeks

On first day perform cable crunches, decline reverse crunches and lying leg raises on a flat bench for the ABS training. On second day for the chest perform BB bench press heavy weight, incline DB press heavy weight, cable crossovers, pullovers and dips with added weight. On day 3 perform Cardio, cable crunches, decline reverse crunches, decline reverse crunches, lying leg raises are a few exercises you can do for ABS Cardio training. On day four exercises for legs such as wide stance BB squat, Lunges, Stiff legged dead lifts, leg extensions and seated calf raise. All these exercises can add strength to the legs. Day 5 is again cardio that includes cable crunches, decline reverse crunches, lying leg raises on flat bench. On day 6 is stipulated for strengthening back and shoulders by performing bent over BB rows, BB shoulder press, one arm DB row, WG lat pull downs and shrugs. Day seven may be dedicated to abs with cable crunches, decline reverse crunches and lying leg raises.

Subsequent 4 Weeks

All these exercises should be performed following all the rules and standards to get the most out of them. High intensity exercise sets of the above said program can help in burning more calories. Once you do this week long session for two weeks you can move ahead for the next moves. In the 3rd and 4th week of the session, adding another session of Cardio on day 7 will increase the intensity of the workout. The timing of Cardio sessions may be increased by about 50%. In the next 2 weeks, increasing the Cardio to 75% and increasing high intensity training to 25 intervals is reasonable. From the third week, you may exchange the exercises with more compound ones to work out muscles even better.

At The Goal

At the end of the 6th week you will notice sufficient muscle hardness and vasculature. The abs is more visible and may be noticed with hammering muscularity. In addition to the training you may add dietary supplement that takes care of calorie requirements and metabolic requirements. Do not skip meals or reduce the meal content. However, reducing the size of the meal that can be frequently taken is ideal. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is also asked for better results.

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